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Changwon University Held Face-To-Face Graduation Ceremony: First Time in Three Years
  • By An So-yeon, editor-in-chef
  • 승인 2022.09.05 08:29
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▲ Graduation Ceremony of Changwon University (source: Changwon University Waagle)

Until recently, Changwon University held its graduation ceremony online, due to COVID-19 and social distancing. However, as the distance restrictions were lifted and COVID-19 eased, Changwon University held a graduation ceremony on August 19th. This August's degree conferment ceremony is significant, in that it will be held face-to-face at the school for the first time in three years, unlike the previous online degree conferment ceremony.

The graduation ceremony was held at 10:30 a.m. in the auditorium on the first floor of the Changwon University Global Lifelong Learning Center, where the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral conferment ceremony was held. Since it was conducted face-to-face, many people participated. The event was attended by Changwon University President Ho-Young Lee, with faculty members that included President Jin-Sang Yoo of the Faculty Council, institutional officials, Alumni Chairman Joo-bok Kim, alumni, graduates, and their families. At the graduation ceremony in August, 357 Bachelor's students, 223 Master's students, and 28 Doctoral students were awarded degrees.

President Ho-Young Lee delivered a meaningful message by conferring the degree directly at the graduation ceremony. President Ho-Young Lee said, “I wanted to hold a graduation ceremony where graduates gathered. The new hopes of all of you who have been running tirelessly have gathered, and we are finally having a graduation ceremony together today. It is the best university that has taught and nurtured its disciples with love. I would also like to express my gratitude and respect to the parents and families, for their unstinting support for the professors and graduates.”

“You are our future ushering in an era of great change that begins in earnest with the post-corona era, and you can hold our future in your beautiful hands. I hope that by reaching the highest level in each field, personal achievement, as well as the university's status, will increase. Additionally, Changwon University graduates will always be proud of it. I believe that the humility and character I learned at Changwon University, along with my heart and attitude toward others, will create a kind natured person, who is truly respected by members of society. I hope that I will become a future-oriented person with a clear sense of responsibility.” “Just as your alma mater made a dazzling leap in a relatively short period of 53 years and stood tall as Changwon University, you, who represent today's Gyeongsangnam-do, will soon become world leaders.”

This graduation ceremony is meaningful, in that we were able to meet and celebrate in person rather than online. The 'August Graduation Ceremony' was a significant event where all graduates sincerely congratulated their hard work and perseverance.

By An So-yeon, editor-in-chef  1102soy@naver.com

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