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Early Childhood Education Department of CWNU Holds ESD Festival with Baby Toads in Cheongwoonji
  • By Shin Jeong-eun,cub-reporter
  • 승인 2022.05.30 12:10
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▲ Children's ESD festival with Cheongwoonji Baby Toad is being held in the area of Cheongwoonji University. (Source: CWNU Waagle)

Changwon University's Department of Early Childhood Education announced on the 12th, that it held the Infant ESD Festival, with Cheongwoonji Baby Toad. The ESD Festival is an event organized by Changwon University's Early Childhood Education Department and the Sustainable Development Center with the aim of helping with the safe removal of protected toad species, living in Changwon University Pond, "Cheongwoonji" and promoting ecological sensitivity, which is the basis for sustainable development from infancy. The ESD Festival was held for a total of three days on May 9th, 11th, and 12th in line with the, "Changwon University SDGs Climate Clock Opening Ceremony."

More than 250 children from six early childhood education institutions, including a single kindergarten in Changwon, participated, and it ended successfully with the cooperation of about 50 students inside and outside the school, including Changwon University's Early Childhood Education Department, Dance Department, Nursery Teacher Education Center, and Changwon City Council. Local broadcasting also covered and reported the scene, reflecting the high interest of the local community.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is an education that realizes the value of, Sustainable Development (SD), a development that meets the needs of the present generation, without hindering the ability to meet the needs of the future generation, coupled with the importance of sustainable development education in infancy, begin of greater significance. Kim Min- jung, a Professor of Early Childhood Education at Changwon University, who planned and oversaw the 2022 ESD festival, following the 2021 Baby Toad News, said, "For Early Childhood ESD, students who are preliminary infant teachers, should have practical experience in enhancing their sensitivity to sustainable development." The 2022 ESD Festival, which involved various collaborations, was very meaningful work, because the success or failure of infant ESD, depends on cooperation with related organizations and community connections, he explained.

The ESD Festival was organized by eight third graders: Kang Min-ji, Kim Min-ji, Kim Han-seo, Eire, Lee Hyang, Lee Ho-young, Cho Joo-eun, and Choi Ara-ran, of the Department of Dance and the Changwon Sustainable Development Council. Professor Kim Min- jung of the Department of Early Childhood Education at Changwon University said, "We will make efforts to improve the awareness and internalize the value of sustainable development, as well as the next generation of children."

Various activities with good intentions are being carried out in Changwon University, including the ESD Festival with Baby Toad. Thank you for the hard work of the Early Childhood Education students who led the ESD Festival and the children who participated. It is expected to continue as an annual event, as it has received excellent reviews.

By Shin Jeong-eun,cub-reporter  jes203id@gmail.com

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