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CWNU Cherry Blossom Attraction
  • By Shin Jeong-eun,cub-reporter
  • 승인 2022.03.28 06:53
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▲ CWNU Cheongwoonji, where cherry blossoms were in full bloom in 2021.

On our school campus, you can see the captivating and breathtaking scenery of cherry blossoms in full bloom every spring. According to data released by Weather Eye, cherry blossoms are expected to start blooming in Changwon from March 21. Many students go on picnics and take pictures while viewing cherry blossoms with friends or lovers. On the one hand, the flowering of cherry blossoms marks the beginning of the exam period, to the extent that there is a joke amongst students that, "the flower language of cherry blossoms is midterm examination." On the other hand, the blooms mark the beginning of spring. Where is the premiere cherry blossom spot on campus that will soothe the tired students?

The first cherry blossom spot is Cheongwoonji, also known as Dormitory Lake, among students. Cherry blossoms in full bloom along the lake create beautiful scenery. You can take a walk, stroll the lake, or sit on a bench located in the middle of the trail to enjoy the scenery. In addition, on the lawn inside the Rose Garden, which is built together in the lake, you can see many students who bring mats every year and enjoy a picnic in groups of twos and threes. Additionally, located on the left side of the lake, are the recently established outdoor study cafes, ‘Cheongwoonmaru’ and the Meta Square Forest. Cheongwoonmaru, which overlooks the scenery of ponds and cherry blossoms at a glance, is expected to be crowded with many people, as a space where you can enjoy simple refreshments or take a rest from the rush of daily life. In addition, there is a wooden picnic table in Meta Square Forest, which is wonderful for picnics. At night, landscape lights are lit around Cheongwoonmaru, so you can look forward to a more beautiful cherry blossom panorama view.

The second cherry blossom spot is San-ae-san. There may be some students who are more familiar with Waryong than the name San-ae-san. This place, which has long been loved by many founders under the name of Waryong, was closed for a while last year and has resumed business under the name of, San-ae-san, on the 10th. It is a Korean restaurant located in the mountains behind the campus, with an outdoor table, so you can enjoy food surrounded by picturesque scenery when you visit it around cherry blossom season. Here, snacks such as seafood pajeon, acorn jelly, and assorted pancakes are sold and various makgeolli are sold. Business hours are form Monday-Saturday, opening time is 11:00, break time is 14:30-15:30, last order is at 18:00, and the closing time is 20:00. Why don't you visit with your friends or lovers on a day off, or after class?

In addition, trees lining the street throughout the school are also vibrantly colored with cherry blossoms, boasting a beautiful view throughout the entire campus. It is good to go to famous places, however, there are places on campus where you can enjoy flowers too and support our local community, so please enjoy it.

By Shin Jeong-eun,cub-reporter  jes203id@gmail.com

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