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2022 ROTC Cadets Commission, Enlistment, and Promotion Ceremony
  • By Shin Jeong-eun,cub-reporter
  • 승인 2022.03.28 06:53
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▲ 2022 ROTC Cadets Commission, Enlistment, and Promotion Ceremony (Source: CWNU ROTC homepage)

On the 8th, the, "2022 CWNU Student Military Education Team ROTC Cadet Commission, Enlistment, Promotion Ceremony," was held at the CWNU Industry-Academic Cooperative International Conference Hall. The event was attended by 20 commissioned officers, 21 promoters, and 23 enlisted members, including CWNU President Lee Ho-young, School Corps Commander, and CWNU ROTC Brigadier General Jang Hee-yeol (Class of 90 in Dept. of Public Administration). We heard the story of Kim Soo-rin, a 61st cadet for ROTC at CWNU.

Q. Please briefly introduce yourself.

Kim: Hello, I'm Kim Soo-rin, a second-year cadet at CWNU ROTC.

Q. Please introduce to us what kind of place ROTC is.

Kim: ROTC refers to a system in which excellent personnel are selected from university students, with infinite possibilities and potential, that train competent officers with both a college major and military knowledge, through two years of military education. They will be commissioned in conjunction with graduation. The school corps can take military science classes twice a week, additionally, they can study and train their physical strength that individuals will need, in their personal time.

Q. Is there any special reason why you applied for ROTC?

Kim: While I was looking for a way to become a soldier, as that was my dream, I learned about the ROTC by looking at the senior cadets who were promoting ROTC in school. I thought that the ROTC system was a good process to realize my dream of becoming a soldier, while making use of my major. Therefore, even though there are various ways to become an officer, I chose the path of a ROTC Cadet.

Q. Did you make any special efforts to earn a promotion?

Kim: As physical strength is the life of a soldier, I made efforts such as training my physical strength and fitness, every morning, while and exercising on my own in my spare time, to achieve good results in my physical strength measurements. As a result, my physical strength had improved and I was able to cultivate good results in my physical strength measurements.

Q. If you have any difficult or happy episodes during the preparation process, please explain in detail.

Kim: I had a little bit of a hard time because there was not much information about the interview. However, through the preparation team interview, conducted by the ROTC, the seniors, who were cadets at the time, told me about the components and progress of the interview, so I was able to solve my questions and do the interview well. I was happy when I received a text message that I passed the interview with my efforts. Preparation for the test and success of the interview were accumulated and I passed the application process.

Q. What has changed since you became a cadet?

Kim: First of all, we do physical training in the morning, but unlike before, we can wake up early in the morning to train physical strength and have a fruitful day.

Second, I was able to meet many people. ROTC consists of various departments, so you can meet friends from the various departments. During the vacation, various schools will gather for military training, which will allow you to meet cadets from different backgrounds and expand your network.

Q. We are recruiting cadets for the Military Academy until April 8th. Who do you recommend it to?

Kim: I recommend it to those who have a sense of responsibility and passion. If you perform your duties as a Lieutenant after being commissioned, you must become a leader who leads many people with purpose. That's why I think people who have the passion to do their best in their work and the responsibility to take full responsibility for their decisions, will do well enough!

Q. If there is anything you would like to add, please let me know.

Kim: Perhaps it's hard to play two roles: student and military officer cadet. Anyone can try it, but if anyone could do it, I wouldn't have chosen this path. If you choose this special experience, the ROTC, I believe you won't regret it. If you want to apply but feel that it is difficult, and if you have any questions, please contact the ROTC or seek out a lot of information at the promotional booth that runs until the end of the application period. If you're interested, don't hesitate to try it!

President Lee Ho-young left the congratulatory ceremony on a high note, by saying, "I hope you, who will be a military force for national security, will become a great officer who is trusted and respected by Cho Kuk-ho," adding, "As you play a greater role in a new position, please show your capabilities based on your strong responsibility as a leader and sense of ownership."

By Shin Jeong-eun,cub-reporter  jes203id@gmail.com

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