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The 20th Criminal Mock Trial of CWNU's Department of Law is Held: A Candle That Has Not Gone Out
  • By Lee Yeon-jin, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2021.10.31 22:57
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▲ Photo of the 20th CWNU Criminal Simulation Court (Source: News Gyeongnam)

On October 7, CWNU's Department of Law, held the 20th Criminal Mock Trial under the title of, ‘Child Abuse, that Happened Amid Social Indifference: Candlelight That Has Not Gone Out.’ The title, ‘Candle That Has Not Gone Out,’ has a double meaning. The first meaning is that a candle is put on a cake and blown out at celebrations. In the trial, the day the victim, Na Ah-reum, died was her birthday, but she died without being able to blow out a candle. The second meaning is of an interest that never disappears at the national or social dimension by the occurrence of many child abuse cases and emergence of new problems.

Based on the, ‘Jeong-in Incident,’ that occurred in October last year, many child abuse cases began to emerge as a chronic problem. CWNU’s Mock Trial has set child abuse as an important theme to inform people of the many child abuse cases. Looking at the outline of the case in this trial, the victim, 'Na A-reum,' had been continuously assaulted by her mother, 'Lee Joong-i'. On the other hand, the child's father, 'Na Mol-ra,' had neglected the child, and eventually, 'Na A-reum,' died. The trial contains the process of being tried on child abuse charges and the punishment of, 'Lee Joong-I,' and, 'Na Mol-ra,' who became the defendants of this case. They were charged with child abuse murder and convicted.

For this trial, the Student Council of the Department of Law at CWNU was in charge of external tasks, such as preparing support funds, renting facilities, and setting the stage for the trial. 'An So-yeon,' a student in the Department of Law, wrote a trial scenario for three months beginning in May. The Mock Trial Preparation Team composed of Law students, practiced scripts for trial from August 30, up until the day of the criminal trial.

Kim Woo-joo, Vice-President of the Department of Law at CWNU, who was in charge of directing the mock trial, said, "I'm proud that all the students who participated in this trial did not only devote 100% to their roles, but also helped each other. I want to say thank you so much for creating unforgettable experiences and memories for them." Kim Song-hee, a student in the Department of Law who played the role of the Defendant, ‘Lee Jung-I,’ in this trial, said, "it was so good to participate in the trial with the same progress as the actual trial, through a mock trial. Through this trial, I was so glad to meet many seniors, colleagues, and juniors who I couldn't see due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and I would like to say thank you to them for doing their best.”

Since the criminal mock trial the year before last, the trials ended when the judge read the ruling. However, unlike the previous criminal mock trials, this year’s trial is new, in that it prepared the ending at the end of the trial. Under the motif of the, ‘Jeongin, I'm sorry Challenge,’ which has been underway since January this year, the Mock Trial Preparation Team engraved the names of seven victims, including, Jeongin, on pickets. It ended with all the team members holding pickets. In addition, it is even more meaningful in that a student of the Department of Law at CWNU wrote a script scenario herself, and law professors and lawyer Kwon Young-woo put legal elements into the script.

CWNU's Criminal Mock Trial began in 1983 and has continued until now. The purpose of this is to show CWNU students the overall legal process and appearance of the trial, to help them understand the trial, in hopes that many people sympathize with the pain of the victims of the case. We should applaud the students of the Department of Law at CWNU, who have worked hard to raise interest in the seriousness of child abuse by showing the trial process. In the future, it is expected that CWNU will continue to conduct mock trials.

By Lee Yeon-jin, cub-reporter  dlduswls45@naver.com

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