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CWNU Leading the Environmental Conservation Project of Upo Swamp Through “Maker” Business.
  • By Park Hyun-jong, reporter
  • 승인 2021.09.26 21:09
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▲ Park Kyung-hoon, the Chief of Changwon University's Promotion Team, Professor Kim Hong-jin, and S&K officials signed a business contract at CWNU headquarters.(Source: CWNU WAAGLE)

The whole world is focusing on carbon neutrality. Biodiversity, one of the main components of carbon neutrality, is becoming increasingly important. Upo Swamp, the largest inland wetland in the Korean peninsula, was designated as the Natural Monument of South Korea No. 524 in 2011. It is one of Korea's few UNESCO World Heritage sites and is protected by the Ramsar Convention, which is a habitat for 480 species of plants, 28 species of birds, and 55 species of insects. In order to preserve Changnyeong Upo Swamp, which plays an important role in biodiversity, regional organizations have signed agreements to brand Upo Swamp a protected site. Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Government is working closely with organizations related to Upo Swamp to promote culture, arts, and welfare regarding Upo Swamp.

The "S&K Company Design Institute", which contributes to cultural and artistic contributions through volunteer works, charity, and discovering new writers, has decided to cooperate in the long-term preservation project with CWNU and Upo Swamp Organizations. This means that Changwon University, a representative National University in South Gyeongsang Province, is working hard to preserve Changnyeong and Upo Swamp, the representative natural habitat of ecosystems of South Gyeongsang Province. Park Kyung-hoon, the chief of Changwon University's national policy project promotion team, Kim Hong-jin, a professor in charge of customized cultural branding business in the Art Department, and Kim Ra-young, CEO of S&K Company, participated in the agreement ceremony. Park Kyung-hoon, team leader of CWNU’s Upo Swamp project said, "We will actively cooperate with Changwon University to promote the ecological culture of Changnyeong City and Upo Swamp, through the conservation and development of Upo Swamp." CWNU will cooperate with the University's bio-knowledge and art infrastructures to support the development of local specialties in Changnyeong. Changwon National University will contribute to the local community in this way, to show the economic and environmental coexistence and interactive relationship with the local community.

Artists, villagers, and local communities joined their abilities to protect the wetlands and added artworks to the area around Upo Swamp in Changnyeong. Through the ongoing art project, many ecological works of art have been displayed in villages around Upo Swamp, by both Korean and foreign artists. The whole village around Upo Swamp has become an art gallery and is part of the Upo Ecological Village Project, where people, nature, and art are harmonized.

Through the mutual cooperation agreement between S&K and Changwon University, it is hoped that Changnyeong Upo Swamp Maker Project will contribute to the ecological protection and promotion of Upo Swamp, to successfully become a World Heritage site. It is hoped that Changnyeong's excellent natural resources will be used to preserve Upo Swamp, and CWNU will also cooperate with the local people and the regional government as a representative National University of Gyeongsangnam-do province.

By Park Hyun-jong, reporter  tommyhil4444@gmail.com

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