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CWNU Receives a Rating of ‘Very Good’ in LINC+ Business Assessment for the Second Year in a Row
  • By Lee Yeon-jin, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2021.06.07 08:50
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▲ CWNU’s building (Source: doopedia)
▲ LINC+ logo (Source: LINC+ homepage)

CWNU was founded in 1969 has worked hard to reach its goal of nurturing the talents of creative people who show executive skills, thrive with challenge. CWNU’s slogan is ‘To enter the top in ranking 10 in national universities, to take the top spot contributing to communities’. As a result CWNU has achieved many accomplishments such as being chosen as the University of International Education Quality Assurance’s second-class, smart yard experts of business of professional training and South Gyeongsang Regional Innovation Platform business. The Education Department at the National Institute and National Research Foundation of Korea have been running the National Project for Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation (LINC+) since 2012. CWNU received a rating of ‘Very good’ in the LINC+ business’ assessment for two years in a row.

LINC+ is a government financial program that focuses on empowering Industry-University Collaboration’s ability and contributes to regional industry development and nurturing global business talent. CWNU’s LINC+ enterprise organization has been co-managing Industry-University Collaboration major brand ‘UNICORN Campus’. Unicorn Campus networks between campuses by connecting universities, industries, and research agencies. According to the brand’s goal, they have been cultivating SMART 3C talents (people who have executive abilities, thrive with challenge, and who are creative) who are leading the fourth industrial revolution. The brand has played a major role in establishing the convergency major. In this major students learn advanced technology skills such as skills related to IT.

The LINC+ enterprise organization made an agreement with South Gyeongsang ICT to start a joint business in the ICT business field. Also, they signed an MOU with the Channgwon YMCA, the South Gyeongsang amphibian network, and BMK Gyeongnam Bank- for conserving the local community’s biodiversity. A childhood education curriculum was developed with educational adventures for observing amphibians and reptiles in the campus’s forest and pond. As part of this, LINC+ enterprise organization is running a curriculum targeting the education of kindergarten children at Cheong Woon- ji. LINC+ has made a lot of effort to develop the local community and cultivate talent by supporting foundation clubs for CWNU students. And they built in-person educational space that enforces social distancing so that students can take classes safely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, students were able to take classes in the main classroom (No. 81 building 202), and sub classroom (No. 81 building 406) at the same time in a good quality learning environment.

Through the LINC+ enterprise organization’s various efforts, CWNU got a splendid achievement rating of ‘very good’ in the LINC+ business’ assessment. CWNU got high scores in the development and advancement of education from LINC+ business, education operations to cope with COVID-19 and activities of promoting connections between enterprises. Also CWNU was evaluated as having achieved a creditable performance in industrial-educational cooperation reflecting the CWNU’s distinctive assets.

Yoon Hyun-gyu, the head of the LINC+ said, “I will further strengthen LINC’s programs by learning the excellent outcomes we’ve had so far. And I will promote connective activities with CWNU, enterprises, and the local region to achieve positive industrial-educational relationships.”

CWNU’s LINC+ enterprise organization is supporting employment and startup programs like startup clubs, field practice, and capstone design. And they are progressing various educational activities like Youtube creator training, maker training, and special lectures. Also, it is progressing programs that assist students like providing training that cultivates talents for the fourth industrial revolution, strengthens global competence, and promotes innovation. CWNU students can act as supporters of the LINC+ enterprise organization. Students who are interested in LINC+ can get more details through the CWNU LINC+ homepage, instagram ‘linclick’, or on the ‘CWNU LINC+ enterprise organization’ Facebook page.

By Lee Yeon-jin, cub-reporter  dlduswls45@naver.com

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