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Changwon University Selected in Two Categories for Exemplary Quarantine Measures
  • By So Min-young, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2021.04.05 08:48
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▲An image of the thermal imaging camera and access register on the first floor of the management building.

In the coronavirus era, quarantine is a large part of everyday life. Facilities such as hospitals and restaurants are using various methods to prevent spread of the disease by calling quarantine companies to disinfect them every hour, and by strictly observing the quarantine rules. Schools are places where many people gather, so people must always follow quarantine precautions when at school. Changwon University is also making great efforts to prevent unnecessary visitors from entering the school, measuring body temperature, keeping records of people who enter the school and maintaining social distance in the classroom. The Ministry of Education announced that Changwon University was selected as the best example of university quarantine management in the 2020. In particular, CWNU excelled at school access control and monitoring, and the improvement and management of class operation methods.

Changwon University was selected as an excellent example of quarantine measures for establishing a self-diagnosis service on Changwon University’s mobile application and linking it with academic information so that students can self-diagnose before school. When accessing the mobile application, the health self-diagnosis form is located in the upper left corner and the simple self-diagnosis questionnaire consisting of three questions can be linked to the processing of attendance. It is a big advantage that students can self-diagnose and attend easily through mobile devices. In addition, the improvement of class management methods and management section was selected as an excellent example. CWNU created a virtual class homepage to create a streamlined online class environment and to inform school members of any relevant information. Changwon University is using E-class and Zoom for virtual classes and received favorable comments for its quick advanced notice of class operations changes, academic schedule, and grade evaluation through the sns account of the student council. Through E-classes, students were able to attend recorded lectures and submit assignments, and through Zoom, they were able to take lectures in real time. Starting this year, Changwon University has established a new ‘E-Campus’ site that can be used instead of E-Class to facilitate communication and online lectures for members of the school by linking it with the Cosmos application.

Moon Kyung-hee, the head of Changwon University, stressed, “The fact that Changwon University was selected as the best example in two categories of university quarantine management by the Ministry of Education is significant. All the members of the university are united to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and manage the quality of online classes. We will prioritize safety and health until COVID-19 is completely over, and make careful efforts to ensure that the overall operation of members’ education, research, academic schedules, and college life is smooth after the pandemic is over.”

Changwon University is making great efforts to ensure that students and faculty participate in in-person classes safely and virtual classes are carried out smoothly. Since it was selected in two categories as the best example of quarantine methods, faculty and students who visit Changwon University should follow the quarantine rules such as wearing masks, measuring body temperature, and maintaining social distance in the classroom. Since COVID-19 started, students have not been able to enjoy many aspects of college life, such as in-person classes, club activities, MT, and school festivals, but if everyone follows the quarantine rules and endures eventually normal daily life will begin again.

By So Min-young, cub-reporter  minyoung_1216@naver.com

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