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Extracurricular Activity Experience, Killing Two Birds With One Stone
  • By Park Yu-jeong, cub-reporter
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▲ Edream illustration (Source: extracurricular activity management student system)

The Creative Convergence Education Center at Changwon National University offers various extracurricular programs to help students grow as talented global citizens. Extracurricular activities are programs that do not give credits but instead offer valuable experiences, such as special lectures, camping, mentoring, and team activities. Students can get extracurricular activity experience by participating in the extracurricular programs of e-dream, an extracurricular activity management system. So, what is an extracurricular activity?

Students can meet certain graduation requirements with extracurricular activity experience. Also, students can receive scholarships through extracurricular activities. To graduate, students must complete the foreign language certification and complete at least two of the optional certification areas. One of the optional certification areas is the extracurricular graduate certificate. If students get more than 60 points, then the extracurricular graduate certificate will be automatically completed and students can get a scholarship. Also, students can get a scholarship if they are selected as an outstanding performer of the year.

Requirements for extracurricular experience points are as follows: Extracurricular activity experience is converted to one point per hour of the program. Students can participate in extracurricular activities for up to eight hours a day. Extracurricular programs are not allowed to overlap with academic curriculum, graduation requirements, or other optional certification areas. If there are any requirements for applying to or completing the program, students will receive points when the requirements are met.

Extracurricular programs include programs to strengthen learning capabilities, career and psychological counseling programs, and programs to support employment and start-ups. Last year, e-dream offered a variety of programs, such as one-to-one programs for language and cultural exchange with foreign students, online and offline mentoring with company executives for social experience and job knowledge, and Making Day with various themes. Also, e-dream runs a service that recommends programs to students based on application information and the results of their core competency assessment. The core competency assessment is available on mobile or PC and will be available from April 1 to 30 at e-dream→Competency Assessment.

The Tutor Pool for Enhancing Education program is recruiting participants until March 28. The program, which will be held at e-dream, is a program in which participants can study their major subjects together. The team consists of a tutor in years 3-5, tutees in years 1-2, and an academic advisor. Foreign students can also participate as tutees. This program will have 10 activities once a week from April 12 to June 18. This program will be conducted remotely, but if COVID 19 improves, it will be held in person.

Students can apply for the extracurricular activities at the Changwon National University portal (waagle)→e-dream. Depending on the format of the program, students can apply individually, as a team, or under a theme. There are two ways to apply as a team. The first method is after the team leader opens the team through [Application of Team Leader], the team members apply by entering the password they received from the team leader. The second method is to openly recruit team members and individually approve them as the team leader or program manager.

After applying to a program, students can check their progress in e-dream→Portfolio→Completion History. To complete the program, students must complete the satisfaction survey. After the completion of the program, students will receive a program completion certificate. If a certificate is not issued, the program completion certificate can be printed out and used as a certificate of participation in the extracurricular program.

The Creative Education Center at Changwon National University provides news related to extracurricular activities on Instagram and Facebook. More information on extracurricular activities can be found in the "extracurricular activities guidebook" or on Changwon University's official YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/c/CWNU1969). For inquiries, please call the Creative Convergence Education Center at 055-213-2668.

By Park Yu-jeong, cub-reporter  parkyujeong01@naver.com

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