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CWNU Discontinuing the Teacher Training Course; Opinions of Students and CWNU Staff
  • By Lee Yeon-jin, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2021.03.22 08:51
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The Ministry of Education administers assessments in 3 areas (quality of education, curriculum, and academic results) for teacher training in many universities. However, on February 22 2021, the Ministry of Education and the Korea Educational Development Institute announced that it will be repealing CWNU’s teacher training course except for the early childhood education and special education department. This is a result of CWNU scoring below 500 in assessment of capacity. So it was decided due to the capacity assessment CWNU would reduce the number of teachers in training to reflect the demand for teachers graduating from the universities teacher training course.

The Campus Journal conducted a survey on the discontinuation of the teacher training course from March 9 to March 11 with CWNU students. 69.2% of the respondents knew about the abolition of the teacher training course and 73.1% of those respondents opposed the abolition of the teacher training course. Some of the students who objected to the abolition of the teacher training course said that CWNU students need university support and education to increase the number of teachers and promote selection of the teachers.

In addition to this survey, The Campus Journal conducted an interview with Yoon Ji-yeong, the head of the university affairs department. The Campus Journal asked if it was possible to save the teacher training course if the departements got a better score, and what will be done about the CWNU students who were thinnking about completing the teacher training course. Yoon Ji-yeong said, “It would be hard to continue the teacher training course from being discontinued at this time if government doesn’t change its policy direction.” When asked about increasing the number of students who study for a master’s degree and doctor’s degree as another way to pursue the teaching profession, she said, “The number of students who can complete a master’s degree and doctor’s degree is different in each department. But the total number of people who will be able to complete the teacher training course won’t increase.” In addition, she explained, “The contents on the completing of the teacher training course are announced to newspaper companies. And the official results haven’t come out yet. So, we will post the results after the Ministry of Education makes an official announcement.”

In the aggravating unemployment crisis caused by COVID-19, freshmen could complete a course in teacher education, but freshmen won’t be able to next year. CWNU should make efforts to develop a course in teacher education in the CWNU departments that don’t be abolished. Also, CWNU strengthens student skills through university’s support in departments such as in this dincontinued course. CWNU offers employment consultation programs and extracurricular programs to develop students skills through career exploration. In addition, there are many programs that students can participate in through CWNU because of the university’s participation in national projects. Enrolled students need to make efforts in career exploration. For inquiries, please call the CWNU affairs department at 055-213-2053.

By Lee Yeon-jin, cub-reporter  dlduswls45@naver.com

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