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All You Need to Know About Extracurricular
  • By Lee Yeon-jin, cup-reporter
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▲What kinds of extracurricular activities have you participated in?

Nowadays, everyone has to do extracurricular activities to be competitive when finding a job. So many university students and job seekers are interested in extracurricular activities in the new semester. But there are some students who are hesitant about extracurricular activities. What kinds of extracurricular activities do CWNU students do? And what are good tips for finding these activities?

The Campus Journal conducted a survey on extracurricular activities. The results of the survey shows that over half of CWNU students get information about extracurricular activities through the Department Portal Site. CWNU students find activities like contests, promotions, and press corps through searching on the Department Portal Site. In addition to this survey, The Campus Journal conducted an interview with Lee Yeong-cheol, a Human Resource Development Center action officer for detailed materials on extracurricular activities. When asked how to choose extracurricular activities with future employment in mind, he said, “I recommend prioritizing extracurricular activities associated with your major field of study or desired field of work, and take part in these activities”. He also said, “It is good to participate in extracurricular activities which involve large projects or take place over a long period of time because the more experience students get through extracurricular activities, the higher the chances of being evaluated well in future career opportunities.” When asked about ways of finding helpful extracurricular activities, he said, “It’s good to join activities hosted by companies that you like, want to work at, or companies in a relevant field or industry”. An example he gave was, “If you want to go into design, participate in competitive exhibitions related to design. Or if you want to go into marketing, take part in programs that help develop marketing skills”.

Popular advice from CWNU students and the Human Resource Development Center action officer was to look into the extracurricular activities relevant to students’ field of study or employment. Additional information can be found on websites such as external, wevity, detizen, linkareer, campuspick, and campuz. Don’t feel overwhelmed by extracurricular activities, find the information you need to get ahead in your career path.

By Lee Yeon-jin, cup-reporter  dlduswls45@naver.com

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