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Lectures on International Employment Held by the Department of International Relations
  • By Lee Yeon-ju,editor-in-chief
  • 승인 2020.11.23 01:52
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The Department of International Relations is holding a special online lecture on employment in the second semester of 2020. It is running every Tuesday from 18:30 to 20:00, from November 10 to December 1. A ZOOM Online Video Conference (zoom.us/j/3986575241) will be held and students also can participate via QR code and can apply to participate at this link (bit.ly/3Mbi65y).

The lectures are being held over a total of four sessions. The first lecture, held on November 10th, was hosted by Kang Min-seung. Kang Min-seung is a graduate from Department of international relations working at GMB Europe Office, and chose the theme of "getting a job abroad through choices and determination".

The second lecture, held on November 17th, was hosted by Nam Seong-min, a refugee investigator at the Ministry of Justice's Immigration and Foreign Policy Headquarters. Nam Seong-min chose the theme of “Makeup and Refugee Camps: From Cosmetics Planner to Refugee Investigator.”

The third lecture will be hosted by Oh Gi-cheol and discuss the theme of "The Age of Climate Crisis, Finding a New Path". Oh Gi-cheol is an executive director of Blue Asia Company.

The last lecture will be hosted by Park Soo-yeon on December 1st with the theme of "Overseas Employment, Gaining Experience instead of Money." Park Soo-yeon is a graduate of Changwon University working at the Myanmar branch of Samsung Electronics.

These sessions will help students explore their careers through the National University Promotion Project. The lectures are being held by people who majored in related majors with experience working in relevant careers. Rather than new graduates, the lecturers were chosen as people who have had a wide career philosophy. The organizers also made a point to have men and women equally represented (2 men and 2 women).

The first lecturer, Kang Min-seung, who is working at GMB Korea's overseas sales team, said, “Knowing the political and economic situations of different countries, I was able to build the trust of client companies and give the impression that I was a local expert. High scores and certificates are not everything. Live a full life instead of being tied to the environment in which you are placed. Don't settle for the present, but instead take action and try to have new experiences without worrying about whether you’ll succeed or fail. As a graduate of Changwon University, I will live with pride and try my best to support a good life."

Seo Ji-won, dean of the Department of International Relations, who hosted these lectures, said, “Even though the lectures were held online, they turned out better than expected because people working abroad and those in cities with different jobs could participate as lecturers. Currently, students seem to be interested in improving resumes. That's good, but I hope students can develop the interest to prepare for post-graduate careers by listening to the lectures of alumni who have already graduated. Finally, I hope that these lectures will help students at Changwon National University. Please look forward to the remaining third and fourth sessions."

Students from Changwon University who are interested in international relations will benefit greatly from participating in these lectures. For inquiries, please visit the office of the Department of International Relations. T. 055-213-3240. E. inter2@changwon.ac.kr.

By Lee Yeon-ju,editor-in-chief  rosielee@kakao.com

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