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Curious About Extracurricular Activities? Check Out Seldi Day!
  • By Kim Seong-Ju, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2020.11.23 02:26
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From November 11th to 18th, Seldi Day (Self-Development Day) was held to promote extracurricular college activities. Seldi Day’s purpose is to promote activities and programs related to extracurricular education and self-development to students. The event is hosted by the Creative Convergence Education Center of the Education Innovation Headquarters and the evaluation team of student education.

▲ Checking temperatures before participating in Seldi Day activities.

In Seldi Day, conducted a survey to gather student opinions from students and an extracurricular course and a guide to related systems. And through the exhibition of the “Learning Portfolio Contest”, Seldi Day prepared booths for each department to inform students about their extra-curricular activities and programs.

A total of 35 students from different teams won multiple awards. Five films were submitted to the Portfolio Competition, twenty-four films were submitted to the Learning Portfolio Competition, and 6 films were submitted to the Content Contest. These competitions were organized by the Engineering Education Base Center of Busan National University. Outstanding portfolios and award-winning panels from various universities were displayed in the lobby of the Central Library until the 18th.

From November 11th to 12th, Seldi Day participation event was held at the entrance of the library to encourage students to participate in Seldi Day. It was accompanied by a consonant quiz about extracurricular activities and SNS follow event. The students who participated in Seldi Day events who had less than five points were presented with a small souvenir.

▲ The exhibition works of the Learning Portfolio Contest were displayed in the lobby of the Central Library until November 18.

Since 2017, CWNU has made an effort to focus on extracurricular activities every Friday. Each month in the 2019 fall semester focused on different aspects of extracurricular activities. In September students were encouraged to sign up for extracurricular activities, in October students were encouraged to take happiness and joy from their extracurricular activities, and in November an extra food conference was held. A total of 876 members of the school participated in these sessions in 2019. In 2020, face-to-face events were held under the theme of "A Great Release of a Wise University Life" in November. Two online contests where students can submit reports about their extracurricular activities will be held in December.

The Seldi Day student education evaluation team, which planned and promoted the event, has been operating as part of the ACE+ project since 2015. Currently, the 6th Student Education Evaluation Team for the 2020 school year is expanding its role to promote, monitor, and collect student opinions.

Park Ji-young, a teacher at the Creative Convergence Education Center, said, It would be great to see more students improve their capacity to develop themselves through Seldi Day programs.”

Seo Jung-jin, a student from the Department of Food and Nutrition, and who is a member of the Student Education Evaluation Team, said, “Along with Seldi Day, we planned to organize street promotions, where students from the Student Education Evaluation Team would go around the school to promote extracurricular activities. However, street promotions were canceled due COVID-19. I was still proud that many students could participate in Seldi Day’s events and learn about extracurricular activities. I hope many students will participate in extracurricular activities in the future.”

By Kim Seong-Ju, cub-reporter  nicole0215@naver.com

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