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“The Story of Small Powder That Moves the World” by Professor Choi Hee-kyu Selected for the Shanghai International Children's Book Fair
  • By Kim Da-eun, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2020.11.09 07:25
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▲ An information poster for the 2020 Shanghai International Children's Book Fair (Source: Changwon National University)

Choi Hee-kyu, a professor in the department of Mechatronics Convergence Engineering at Changwon National University, wrote a children’s book called "The Story of Small Powder That Moves the World". It will be presented at the 2020 Shanghai International Children's Book Fair. The Shanghai International Children's Book Fair is an international children's book fair held in Shanghai every November. In Korea, entries have been chosen through a strict selection process by the Korea Publishing Culture Industry Promotion Agency since June 29. A total of 70 books were selected this year.

The book discusses the topic of particle technology in an approachable way. The story is told as a conversation between powder and a child and added a unique character so that children could enjoy it. The attractive book cover and unique characters in each chapter attract the interest of children. Thanks to this, it has sold around 6,000 copies.

"The Story of Small Powder That Moves the World" is a children's book about particle technology. Particle technology may be unfamiliar to some. Particle technology is the study of powder. Powder is the first step in the manufacturing process of matter, and is very closely related to daily life affecting things in the environment like air and water. The particles are so ingrained in everyday life that people are commonly overlooked. This is why the book was titled "The Story of Small Powder That Moves the World." It refers to the fact that the powder is small but indispensable, it is used to build makes the world and move technology forward.

Professor Choi is always striving to popularize science and culture. He said, "I hope that readers who read my books will develop an interest in powder, and that it will be an opportunity for particle technology to develop academically in the future."

Professor Choi Hee-kyu held a cultural class at Changwon National University in the second semester of 2019, discussing his two books, "The Story of Small Powder That Moves the World" and "Let's Play with Powder for a Week!", as well as teaching in depth about particle technology. This class will also be offered for the next three semesters, so Changwon University students who are interested should register.

Although it was published as a children's book, it would be a good book for students of Changwon National University who are unfamiliar with particle technology. Hopefully, Koreans will be more interested in particle technology so that the material industry can take a leap forward like Professor Choi wishes.

By Kim Da-eun, cub-reporter  daun021800@naver.com

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