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CWNU Student, Lee Hyun-joo, Wins Grand Prize in KT CS Uni-Venture Competition
  • By Kim Seong-Ju, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2020.10.26 08:59
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On September 23, the 1st Uni-Venture Competition was held with the goal of discovering outstanding prospective entrepreneurs. The competition is a project which is also supported by the Daejeon Economic and Trade Promotion Agency, which selects excellent youth business ideas and supports them as venture companies. A total of 50 college student venture teams applied for the competition, and 12 of them advanced to the finals and competed through online business briefing sessions. Among them, the Quicks Team, which includes Lee Hyun-joo, won the grand prize for presenting the idea of a ‘small business support marketing platform.’ The winning team of the competition is given the opportunity for preliminary in-house ventures and has the privilege of receiving accelerated support for venture start-ups.

Quicks Team winning the grand prize at the KT CS Uni-venture Competition Awards (Lee Hyun-joo is the rightmost student).

Lee Hyun-joo graduated from the Department of Culture Technology, and is attending the first semester of her master's degree. She thought it would be nice to have a marketing platform dedicated to small business owners to reduce the inconvenience of flyer advertisements in a COVID-19 climate. Quicks Team felt that private businesses had very limited channels for advertising unlike large franchises, so they focused on this. One major marketing tool is Internet-based marketing through mobile and PC. Therefore, they attempted to create a new platform called the 'Small Business Support Marketing Platform' by connecting flyers and Internet-based marketing. In this process, Lee Hyun-joo started planning with Lim Young-hoo, who graduated from Changwon University with a degree in School of Mechatronics. Lee Hyun-joo was responsible for UI (User Interface: the interface between users and programs), UX (User Experience: based on the design he learned during his undergraduate years), and her partner, Lim Young-hoo was responsible for some of the development.

Lee Hyun-joo said, "We're currently having weekly meetings to figure out what we need for real businesses and what's important for businesses. I had a great mentor that gave invaluable advice to help prepare for the competition, and helped to make up for my shortcomings. Also, I was able to develop a different view of the world in various fields by listening to the other teams' presentations.” While preparing for the competition, "I was especially concerned about the business model because it's needed to ensure a certain amount of revenue, and I tried to build an in-app service that can generate revenue through various avenues."

When asked about her goals, she said "I wanted to challenge myself to start a business with the goal of finishing my projects in the start-up club in the last two years of my undergraduate degree. Currently, my short-term goal is to complete the application and put it on the market. I think it will take a lot of hard work to get the application to succeed, but I want to do my best whether it fails or succeeds. I want to develop myself and grow in the process of putting items on the market.

Being in your twenties is the perfect time to take on challenges because if you fail you can always try again. Since turning 20 years old, I have participated in about 20 contests including shopping mall start-ups, magazine publications, broadcasting station internships, and more. Whether they related to my job or the future, I think the accumulated experience has made me a better person. You can only gain experience if you try. Success and failure are a part of youth.”

By Kim Seong-Ju, cub-reporter  nicole0215@naver.com

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