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Cool Outfits Designed by Students in the Department of Clothing at Changwon University
  • By Jo Soo-bin, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2020.10.25 19:53
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Third-year students of Changwon University's Department of Clothing performed well in the 2020 24th Jinju Silk Design Competitive Exhibition. On September 30, Lee Min-young received the Participation Award (the Jinju Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Award), and Shin Sung-eun also received the Participation Award (the Korea Silk Institute President Award). They completed an athleisure look with silk material for the contest. The pieces were designed with padding to have a fresh sporty look. Where did the students from the Department of Clothing draw their inspiration and creativity for the competition, and what is the meaning behind their pieces?

▲ Shin Sung-eun’s “Mimosa”.

Shin Sung-eun, a third-year student in the department of clothing, completed a piece featuring the image of flowers by incorporating the forms of voluminous flares in a skirt and ruffles behind the jumper. She expressed her opinion that when people think about the use of silk materials in contrast with usual sportswear materials, people might think of luxurious and classic silk outfits. These days there is much more variety in silk fabrics, silk blends being of particular note. The silk material used in this look is more feminine, luxurious, and sporty.

▲ Lee Min-young’s “Future-oriented”.

Lee Min-young, a third-year student in the department of clothing, completed the work by combining padding, a fashion material that is the complete opposite of silk when contrasted against the image of draped elegant silk costumes. Lee Min-young thought that there are many existing functional padding materials made of nylon or waterproof material. It would be unique to combine the sporty image of the padding with the luxurious image of silk that can be worn in everyday life, along with the addition of Korean elements and a decorated skirt with a plum emblem. Lee Min-young wanted to break the stereotype that it is difficult to approach silk materials or traditional Korean beauty through her work. She focused on playful combinations of materials that contrasted against the silk, and by focusing on the natural integration of Korean beauty at the same time.

To sum up the opinions of the above winners, the most distinctive features of the award-winning works is the good combination of the two contrasting elements, silk material with elegant looks, and athleisure looks with sporty sensibilities. The novelty of these works was created by drawing on the harmony of others in the work.

After finishing this competitive exhibition with good results, Shin Sung-eun said, “There are a lot of restrictions because of COVID-19, but it is more meaningful because I did my absolute best rather than stay still and do nothing.” Lee Min-young said, “It was a process, and along the way there were points where I lacked confidence and regretted my choices due to the short amount of time that I had, but I feel like I’ve grown because of the effort I put in to help me improve my skills and confidence. I think this will remain a moment that I can reflect on whenever I’m having a hard time.” Lastly, Jeong So-yoon, a third-year student in the Department of Clothing who led the team in this competitive exhibition, thanked everyone for their hard work during the competitive exhibition, and asked them to look forward to the digital fashion show that the department will be holding at the end of October.

By Jo Soo-bin, cub-reporter  hyun185415@naver.com

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