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Worried About Finding A Job? Check Out The Great Project
  • By Seo Seong-il, reporter
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The Human Resources Development Institute at Changwon National University helps students to choose their careers and prepare for employment. The Institute provides a variety of support for finding employment, including analysis of corporate jobs, setting employment goals, employment application clinics, and mock interviews. The Human Resources Development Institute is located on the second floor of Dongbaek Hall.

The primary program promoted by the Human Resources Development Institute is 'The Great Project'. The Great Project, a career management support program, was first established in 2018. This project helps students at Changwon University to develop self-directed careers. The Great Project recruits students every year from March to April. Students in the program participate in a variety of activities during the year. Students who actively participate in the program or who have shown to improve their skills are selected as scholarship students. Usually, twenty scholarship students are selected for each grade each year.

The Great Project program is organized by grade-level goals. The first-year program focuses on self-discovery activities. The first-year program helps students understand their own aptitude and interests through activities like career counseling and tests. The second-year program focuses on career planning activities like helping students to search for jobs and make career goals through self-understanding. The third-year program focuses on career development activities which help students to develop the skills needed to get a job. The fourth-year program focuses on job-seeking activities such as getting a job through capacity development. These counseling, education, and event opportunities can be applied to through ‘Dream Catch’.

Currently, representative programs of The Great Project are SMART Salon and Frontier Club. SMART Salon is a program that selects about 40 first and second years to provide support for employment. The salon is a historical part of French culture where intellectuals and artists gathered to discuss and share knowledge in the mid-18th century. The SMART Salon consists of four stages. The first step is to set a career goal. The second step is to recognize reality through SWOT(Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. The third step is to come up with alternatives through mentoring. The fourth step compels students to make plans through active coaching and consulting.

The Frontier Club is a program that supports 100 third and fourth years who aim to find employment in public institutions. The Frontier Club program also has four stages. The first step is to set a career goal. The second step is to recognize reality through SWOT analysis and students are able to have an NCS(National Competency Standards) career basis competency diagnosis. The third step is to come up with alternatives through PBL(Project Based Learning) activities. The fourth step trains the NCS test and goes on a camp. Students participating in the Frontier Club are required to take the NCS practice exam every month. Students should also participate in team-specific studies. Team activity fees and study sites are provided for each team, and scholarships are provided to outstanding students.

In addition, there are many other programs that can help students find jobs, such as intensive training for the job aptitude tests at major companies, the intensive training program for the NCS career basis competency test, and AI interview experience in The Great Project.

▲ A Dream Catch illustration(https://dreamcatch.changwon.ac.kr/user/In/InCt020L.do?CURRENT_MENU_CODE=MENU0191&TOP_MENU_CODE=MENU0189)

Students who worried about their future employment and careers should participate in The Great Project. This can help students find a well-suited job in a meaningful career.

By Seo Seong-il, reporter  badb02@naver.com

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