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Changwon National University Students Selected for the Regional Innovation Platform Project
  • By Seo Hyo-Bin, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2020.09.20 23:03
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▲Expected Effect of Regional Innovation Platform (Licenses: Ministry of Education)

Six students from Changwon National University (CNWU) were selected for the LG Electronics Recruitment Internship) held as part of the Regional Innovation Platform project in Gyeongsangnam-do province. Unlike general internships, the LG Electronics Recruitment Internship recruits talented people in the region by having each university in the province recommend students for the internship. The selected students undergo field training at the LG Electronics Changwon R&D Center for 15 weeks, from September 7 to December 18. After the internship evaluations, interns with good performances are hired as full-time employees.

Applications for the internship were accepted from July 31 to August 3. Students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering who met the appropriate requirements could apply. These requirements included a minimum English level (TOEIC Speaking level 5 or higher, a TOEIC score of 700 points, or OPIc IM), and a minimum GPA of 3.5. CNWU was able to recommend up to 20 students for the LG Electronics internship, and then the interns prepared for the final stage of the LG Electronics Recruitment Internship.

The CNWU Comprehensive Human Resource Development Center offered customized programs for LG aptitude tests and interviews. The programs included a special lecture on the different types of LG aptitude tests, and a mock test of the LG personality test. The program also provided methods for doing a self-introduction and a list of potential interview questions. After taking mock interviews, individual feedback was given to students. Six students from CNWU passed the LG aptitude test and interview, and enjoyed the pleasure of being selected for the LG Electronics Recruitment Internship.

In the Regional Innovation Platform Project, regional universities form a cooperative relationship to develop comprehensive education within the country and to increase regional growth rates. Regional governments foster talent and assist the settlement of young professionals. The Ministry of Education selected three regions - Gyeongnam, Chungbuk, and Gwangju & Jeonnam - for the Regional Innovation Platform Project. The key areas of development assigned to Gyeongnam are ‘Manufacturing Engineering’, ‘Manufacturing ICT’, and ‘Smart Community’.

CNWU focuses on ‘Manufacturing Engineering’, Kyungnam University focuses on ‘Manufacturing ICT’, and Gyeongsang National University focuses on ‘Smart Community’. A total of 17 universities and 49 regional institutions in the province participate in the project.

The University System of Gyeongnam (USG) will be operating in three key areas starting next year. USG aims to make a university that can nurture the talented students needed by regional companies, and to enhance overall competitiveness in the province through joint education. USG students are selected at the end of sophomore year after taking the required courses designated by regional companies in freshman and sophomore years. The selected students complete the USG majors in their junior and senior years. Double degrees are earned with USG degrees, along with their corresponding university degrees. The Ministry of Education is pushing to expand hiring regional talent, encouraging regional companies to consider ‘USG-certified’ students when hiring.

The progress of the ‘Regional Innovation Platform Project’ is expected to ease job shortages faced by university graduates in the province, including the students at CWNU. Regional businesses also get to benefit from the opportunity to recruit regional talent.

By Seo Hyo-Bin, cub-reporter  tjdowls99@naver.com

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