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Everything You Need to Know About The Campus Journal
  • By Lee Yeon-Ju,Editor-in-chief
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The Campus Journal has a mission to accurately report on the news, information, and opinions relevant to CWNU and its students in English. Other CWNU news sources include the Korean newspaper, Changwon University Newspaper’, and Changwon University Broadcasting(CUB)’, radio station. These three news organizations aim to contribute to the development of the university by creating informative media with constructive opinions and criticisms. But it seems that the students of the university are unaware of the university press’ work or misunderstand the university press. To help remedy this situation, from May 31 to June 6, The Campus Journal answered student questions through SNS and the Everytime App.

Q: How did The Campus Journal get started? Who is behind The Campus Journal?

The Campus Journal’s mission is to provide information. Its first issue was published on April 7, 1988. At the time it was named ‘The Pongrim Mirror. It was renamed The Campus Journal in 2000, and it has been published online since 2020 due to COVID-19. The newspaper has 4 sections: Campus News, Social Issues, CWNU Stories, and Featured Stories. We provide news and information in English to improve studentsforeign language skills, as well as to provide the news to foreign teachers and international students. The Campus Journal’s staff includes a professor in charge of general affairs, an administrator in charge of administrative affairs, a native-English editor, an editor-in-chief, reporters, cub-reporters, and a professors committee which was formed to help the development of the university press.

Q: How does a single issue of The Campus Journal get published?

One issue of The Campus Journal is published every 2 weeks, and around 7 volumes are published each semester. Each section’s topics are discussed and voted on at regular reporter and staff meetings. The Campus Journal usually focuses on reporting on issues, opinions, and stories related to the university, its faculty, and its students. Reporters gather information both on and off campus, carry out a survey, and take photos for their articles. The articles are then submitted for proofreading to the editor-in-chief and the native-English editor. Finally, the issue is checked one more time for spelling errors. The layout of the issue is then finalized, and the issue is approved for online publication by the supervising professor. Everyone who works on The Campus Journal is vital in the process of publishing the newspaper.

Q: How are cub-reporters recruited?

Cub-reporters are recruited at the beginning or end of the semester. Applicants submit a resume and are then interviewed. Being a cub-reporter can be fun, but being a reporter requires a strong commitment to hard work. All reporters have to be disciplined to balance working on articles and other commitments. However, the hard work is rewarding, and working as a reporter can be a great opportunity to see more of the world and experience various fields. Students who are passionate about sharing student voices, discussing society, and who are interested in campus issues should consider applying to become a reporter. Students from all majors and departments are welcome to apply!

Q: Can I be a reporter if I’m not a good writer?

Don’t worry if you are not confident in your writing skills! The Campus Journal trains reporters in various ways, such as teaching how to take pictures, how to write Korean and English articles in a newspaper format, interviewing skills, editing methods, and how to publish articles online. Starting this year, additional training will be offered for English spelling review and for translating articles from Korean to English. All that is needed is a passion for reporting and a drive to come up with novel ideas. Being a reporter for The English Journal is an excellent opportunity to enrich and challenge college life!

Q: What are the benefits of working as a reporter?

Reporters have access to various convenient facilities, interact with a wide range of students and organizations, are provided scholarships during the semester, and cub-reporters can be promoted to reporters. Scholarships are only available to cub-reporters and reporters with an average grade of 2.0 or higher from the previous semester. When writing and publishing an article, a certain manuscript fee is paid according to the unit price.

Q: Does The Campus Journal have a specific goal for this year’s newspaper?

As a college newspaper, it is important to have as much student involvement as possible. The Campus Journal wants to have more open communication with its readers. So, the newspaper is reinvigorating its SNS activities and is regularly putting up ‘A Quick Look at Campus News’ posts online which summarize the articles of each issue, conduct surveys, inform readers of upcoming events, and includes all sorts of interesting content for readers. The Campus Journal’s second goal is to foster active communication with its reporters. Innovation is created by being open to new ideas and simple changes. Thus, reporters will share ideas in a more comfortable atmosphere to facilitate active and open communication. Lastly, the newspaper is focusing on trying out different newspaper layouts. If face-to-face classes begin next semester, The Campus Journal will focus on attention-grabbing designs and layouts.

Words have the power to change the environment, society, and even the world. All of the reporters at The Campus Journal try to report using objective facts and try cover issues on behalf of students. The Campus Journal hopes that all CWNU students will pay attention to the social and school issues covered by The Campus Journal. Students should feel free to reach out to The Campus Journal at any time!

By Lee Yeon-Ju,Editor-in-chief  rosielee@kakao.com

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