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Changwon National University Maker-Agit Receives Acclaim for Annual Evaluation
  • By Seo Hyo-Bin, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2020.06.01 08:53
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▲ Inside of Changwon National University Maker-Agit

(Licenses: Ministry of SMEs and Startups 'Starting the Korean Maker Movement, Make All' )

On May 7, 2020, a performance evaluation of the "2019 Maker Space Construction Operation Project" supported by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups was held. Among 124 Maker spaces nationwide, 12 Maker spaces, including Changwon National University Maker-Agit, received the best S-rated. Park Kyung-ho, the manager of Changwon National University Maker-Agit, revealed what efforts the Changwon National University Maker-Agit had made to get an excellent annual evaluation and what the main activities were.

CWNU Maker-Agit held a cultural network party and a Maker space party with an emphasis on planning activities to spread the Maker culture. Residents of Gyeongnam and elementary, middle, and high school students were allowed to watch the Makers' products and engage in Maker experience activities. In addition, despite geographical limitations, CWNU Maker-Agit has contributed to expanding the Maker culture through Maker education activities that directly visited an area inaccessible by land. CWNU Maker-Agit has allowed anyone regardless of job or age to participate in the Maker culture; it’s not just a specific class. Maker education was conducted in stages such as basic, intermediate, and advanced levels according to the age range of the students, so that they could easily access Maker culture.

The main activities of CWNU Maker-Agit are facility tours, equipment training programs, and Maker training. The facility tour is an activity that explains to people who are new to the Maker Space what Maker-Agit is, how to use it, what programs are being operated by Maker-Agit, and the digital equipment in Maker-Agit. The equipment training program is an hour and a half long and trains people so that they can freely use the digital equipment in the Maker-Agit. Maker training is a three-hour educational activity program that makes it easy to create topics like one-day classes, and Maker-specialized programs for those who aim to become experts in the field. The Maker-specialized program can enhance participants' ability to use tools to make their own products without anyone's help. After that, those who have completed the Maker-specialized program can work as a Maker instructor or as a manager of Maker space operations.

In addition, the ‘Prosumer Project’ activity, which is scheduled to start this year, is becoming an issue. The ‘Prosumer Project’ is a project that not only helps Makers make products, but also leads to profit-making. After making the product, CWNU Maker-Agit will provide design and marketing advice on it so that it can be carried out through Idus (marketplace service for buying works by hand-made/handcrafted artists) or crowdfunding.

Finally, Park Kyung-ho, the manager of CWNU Maker-Agit, said, "Since there is a digital equipment inside Maker-Agit, many people seem to misunderstand that it is mainly used by engineering students. Anyone can join Maker-Agit even people who don’t go to this college. I want people to come and use it at any time because CWNU Maker-Agit can offer everything for making things.” Park Kyung-ho urges readers to actively participate in Maker-Agit.

It is simple to apply for activities operated by CWNU Maker-Agit. Log in to the website of CWNU Maker-Agit and apply for an activity. A facility tour program to learn about Maker-Agit is recommended for first time users. For those interested in making or who want to use digital equipment such as 3D printers and 3D pens, visit CWNU Maker-Agit.

By Seo Hyo-Bin, cub-reporter  tjdowls99@naver.com

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