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Important Interview Skills and Tips!
  • By Jo Soo-bin, cub-reporter
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Important Interview Skills and Tips!

There are many different reasons to have an interview in Korea. Most Korean people who have graduated from high school have more than one interview experience. Interviews are necessary in many parts of life, such as applying for a school, international activity, and getting a job. The purpose of the interview is to ensure that the applicant has values, personality, social skills, and a good attitude. As times change so do the methods and trends of interviews such as video interviews, AI interviews, and group discussion interviews in addition to face-to-face interviews. What are the interview experiences of Changwon University students, and what tips do they have for successfully preparing for interviews? The Campus Journal conducted a survey titled 'How are You Preparing for Interviews?' from 4/14-4/17 to answer these questions. There were total of 24 participants, so the results can't be generalized.

Most of the Changwon University students who participated in the survey have mostly participated in face-to-face interviews. Among them, respondents had the most experience with interviews for applying to schools. What are the most essential qualities for successful interviews? Respondents picked from 4 options in the survey: improvisation, preparedness, sociality, and honesty. Improvisation accounted for 45.5 percent as the most important quality, honesty accounted for 36.4 percent, and preparedness accounted for 18.2 percent. In addition to the given options, respondents expressed the opinion that knowledge and understanding of the job or field is important.

Based on the interview trends these days, what will be needed for a successful interview? People need interview tips as well as the qualities of improvisation and honesty. Among the answers from Changwon University students, a common interview tip was to maintain eye contact to show confidence to the interviewer. There were also many opinions that it was important to leave a positive first impression. In addition to the survey many people said, “When you’re in an interview, you should honestly tell interviewers about your weaknesses and finish with how you overcame them.” Some also said, ”When prepared questions were asked, it would be better to take a beat off and start answering them by managing facial expressions so that interviewers won't notice my feelings.” Another tip was that one should dress appropriately for the job and its field.

In the process of preparing for an interview, most people prepare a self-introduction, personal goals, and expected questions. The self-introduction in an interview is a very important factor that gives interviewers their first impression. The personal goals portion is important because it is the last chance to convey one's passion. Researching expected questions in the field and preparing answers can have a significant impact on the outcome of the interview. However, it is not possible to prepare all the answers because it is not possible to guess all the interview questions. Survey respondents talked about the most memorable questions and answers in this survey. First, there was the question, ”Can you express yourself as a color of the rainbow?” The person who was asked this question answered “I want to express myself with all the colors of the rainbow”. Another question was, “What if you had to choose between this job and another job?” The person who was asked this question answered, “I'll prioritize based on what I've applied for”.

Based on this survey, the most memorable questions for people are the questions that are difficult to answer. This is probably why improvisation took a top spot as the most important quality for an interview. Interviews are used to show that the interviewee has the strengths necessary for the companies, international activities, and schools that they’re applying for. People should leave interviewers with a good impression and sense of conviction by answering their questions well. To give a good answer, it is important to understand the key points of the question and to highlight personal capabilities. For successful interviews in the future, people should try to have the qualities of improvisation, honesty, and other skills mentioned in this survey.

By Jo Soo-bin, cub-reporter

▲ One of the survey questions, “What kind of interview did you have?”

By Jo Soo-bin, cub-reporter  hyun185415@naver.com

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