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Notice of Indefinite Extension for Remote Lectures
  • By Lee Yeon-Ju,Editor-in-chief
  • 승인 2020.04.23 04:33
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Remote lectures at Changwon National University were extended for the fourth time and will continue until the COVID-19 situation stabilizes. When the situation improves, notice of in-person lectures will be given within two weeks. Due to this, two major changes were put in place for the convenience of students and professors. The ‘Home Study Support Group’ will remain indefinitely and some school administration regulations have been changed.

Home Study Support Group

This group provides support for professors to provide excellent lecture content to learners. This team supports virtual class production, e-class operations, real-time video lecture preparation, and responds to class complaints immediately so that classes can be conducted smoothly.
⬤ The school affairs administration section mainly focuses on the operation of remote lectures. It prepares information for teaching methods, grade evaluation, supports lab practice classes, and monitors overall class operations. Please contact 055-213-2200 during the business hours regarding the school student affairs administration section.

⬤ The information and computer centers support e-class systems, real-time video lecture technology, deal with attendance complaints, and provide links to Google Drive and virtual courses. They also support video quality and class capacity adjustment. They also introduce how to install and use software such as MS Teams and Bandicam. They promote e-classes and video lectures using applications like Everytime (University Community app) to communicate with students. They write course development manuals and answer student questions through real-time monitoring. For inquiries regarding the information and computer centers, please contact 055-213-2230.

⬤ The media center supports lecture-related technology. It supports virtual class filming and has information about operational requirements. For inquiries regarding the media center, please contact 055-213-2540.

Revision of Some Academic Management Regulations

There have been a few major revisions regarding academic management regulations. The reason for these revisions is to follow the resolutions of the 9th Academic Conference in 2020 in accordance with the request to change the grade evaluation methods for students. The rate of evaluation of majors and other courses were changed as follows. “[Article 35 - 3] Grades are divided into majors and classes, and the principle is to evaluate them according to the distribution ratio of each of the following.

The academic grades A+-A0 are operated within 40% of course attendance, and B+ and below are operated as absolute evaluations for each course. This regulation applies only temporarily to the first semester of 2020 and will take effect on the day of publishing.” The operation of administrative measures was first implemented by the university as needed and retroactively applied through the revision of the school regulations later. The previous notice was posted on Waggle in order to inform the faculty and interested parties of the revision and the proposed amendment prior to the partial revision of the academic administration regulations of CWNU.

What About the Situation Regarding Remote Lectures?

Changes have also been made regarding remote lectures due to the long-term extension. In the case of experiments, practical training, and practical subjects, remote classes, such as video lectures, are conducted as best as possible. When the COVID-19 pandemic becomes less dangerous, limited in-person courses will be permitted. The in-person courses that will be offered will be selected by gathering opinions from the department and school affairs meetings. During this semester, supplementary lecture periods will be provided for subjects whose makeup lesson period is not sufficient even during the original makeup lesson’s period (2 weeks after the last day of the course, June 29th to July 12th). In the case of the exams, both the mid-term and final exams will be determined and administered by professors. Please refer to the change of academic schedule below.

□Change of Academic Schedule



Mid-term test

6/22 - 6/26

Finishing course


Intensive makeup lesson for experiments, practices and practical skills

6/29 - 7/12

Enter grades

6/29 - 7/15

Grades reading and correction

7/16 - 7/20

Grades set


Seasonal lecture


Re-entering, multi-major application


The latter part of the Degree Ceremony 2019


By Lee Yeon-Ju,Editor-in-chief  rosielee@kakao.com

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