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Welcome to the New Students at Changwon University
  • By Seo Hyo-bin, cub-reporter
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Coronavirus has caused department and class orientation to be cancelled. New students may have many questions about the start of school and may need information about classes or departments. Here are some commonly asked questions about careers, employment, and campus/extracurricular activities.

Q1. What are some good homework tips?

A quick search on Google for "Task Tip" sites will bring up RISS (free access to your scholarly book), Pixarbay (free-to-use image downloads), slide share (ppt-sharing site). These online resources can be used for all kinds of class work and projects. Hangeul, Microsoft Office, and PowerPoint are useful for writing and presentations. As each professor has different submission requirements, students should check notices on the Waagle Community site as required. There is a public software download when entering the website of the Changwon National University Information and Computer Center. Students can download software programs that they need such as Hangeul, Microsoft Office, Powerpoint, and Adobe Creative Suite, which are commonly used for assignments and projects.

Q2. What employment resources are available to students and graduates of Changwon National University?

Graduates used their majors to get jobs at companies or institutions related to their majors. Some of them started their own business. If students are curious about any employment precedents of graduates, click on Dream Catch in Changwon University's Waagle and apply for career counseling. Career counselors help students understand what career resources and opportunities are available to them. There is a program hosted by the Human Resource Development Center that helps students get jobs. There are a variety of other programs, from ChangDaehan projects (students can participate in programs that help develop work skills) to interviews and job application clinics, training for large enterprises/public enterprises, and mentoring with company executives. Students can apply to these programs by going to the Dream Catch student support program at the Changwon University Waagle.

Q3. What are extracurricular activities? Where can students apply?

Extracurricular activities include corporate supporters, volunteer work, contests hosted by companies or government agencies. After downloading the Campus Pick app and clicking on extracurricular activities, students can find corporate supporters, journalists, mentoring, and video creators hosted by companies and agencies. Some examples of typical extracurricular activities include mentoring organized by Samsung, Happy Move Global Youth Volunteer Group, and SK Sunny. By participating in the activities hosted by the company students want to work in, they can get some experience with the company and collaborate with other university students. There are a lot of extracurricular activities that cover the cost of activities, so students don't have to take on any financial burden.

Q4. How can students apply to an exchange program or language school?

Each year, exchange students are recruited through notices on the International Affairs site in the first semester (September) and the last semester (March). Based on the 2019 post for exchange students in the last semester, students will be selected by combining school records, official language credits, and interview scores. Students can go to a university in the United States, Russia, France, China, or the Philippines and study abroad for 6 months or 1 year. CWNU covers the tuition of the exchange university, but students have to pay for the dormitory and other living expenses. To study in France or the United States, students must achieve a specific language score (or higher) to qualify. To read the experiences of students who have gone on exchange, go to the International Affairs site where exchange student reports are posted.

There is also short-term language training hosted by International Affairs. Recruiting happens during the winter (October) and summer (April) through the International Affairs notice. The 2019 Summer Standard requirements include language grades, academic records, academic plans, and awards additional points to high-scoring students. After about 4 to 7 weeks of vacation students go to university abroad and study. Long language training hosted by other institutions sends not only the study but also the internships and trips.

The Changwon University app is convenient for checking announcements and notices. There is a big difference between high school and university activities. University students have to look up and apply to programs and activities themselves. Although starting university may still feel awkward, I hope new students can adjust well and enjoy their new university life.

By Seo Hyo-bin, cub-reporter  tjdowls99@naver.com

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