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What is the Best Restaurant Around CWNU?
  • By Kim Daeun, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2020.03.24 23:45
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Due to COVID-19, CWNU’s semester is starting late. New and returning students may feel strange returning to school after the extended break. Students may be wondering “What should I eat for lunch?” To help these students, this article introduces what students voted as the 3 best restaurants around CWNU. (The survey was conducted through various SNS from March 17 to March 19. There were a total of 53 participants, so the results aren’t objective.

▲ A signboard of “Rico Rico”

The restaurant that came in first place is "Rico Rico" (13 percent). Rico Rico is a restaurant that sells burritos. Burritos are a Mexican food which has rice, meat, and vegetables wrapped in tortillas. It is an affordable meal too. Burritos taste good and are cheap, and people feel full after eating them. The price of a burrito ranges from 3,500 won to 4,300 won. And people can select ingredients according to their personal taste. The second reason people like burritos is that they are simple. People don’t have to wait long for their burritos, and it's easy to eat. Also, Rico Rico offers delivery. So people can order burritos when they don’t have enough time to go to a restaurant. The third reason that people like Rico Rico is that the manager is kind. He always welcomes students with a smile and sometimes offers them a service. So students like to go there often. And the food has a consistent quality because people can see the process of the burritos getting made. Similar to "Rico Rico", "El Burrito" also sells burritos. So there are two groups: those who prefer 'Rico Rico' and those who prefer 'El Burrito.' People who filled out the survey said that 'El Burrito' is slightly greasy and gives a small amount of rice, which is why it came in third place.

▲ A signboard of “Woong-i Pocha”

The restaurant that came in second place is "Woong-i Pocha" (11 percent). Woong-i Pocha is a pocha on the third floor of Wooyoung Plaza in front of the school. Even if people don't want to drink, they can go there for dinner. The food is delicious compared to other bars. It has a variety of items on the menu and keeps adding new dishes to the menu. The most popular dish is Nagasaki soup. Also, the part-timers and the manager are kind. They usually provide services for regular customers, and will hold birthday parties on their birthdays. Another special feature of the restaurant is the toys in the store, so people don’t get bored while waiting for food or drink.

▲ A standing signboard of “Jjimdak of the Master"

Finally, “Jjimdak of the Master” and “El burrito” tied for third place. Jjimdak of the Master sells braised spicy chicken with vegetables. The menu has “regular daljjim”, “boneless daljjim”, and “boneless daljjim with cheese”. Daljjim is a combination of the words for "Jjimdak of the Master” in Korean. People can order a small, medium, or large depending on how many people are eating. Also, people don't have to worry if they can't eat spicy food because they can choose the level of spiciness. In the case of Jjimdak of the Master, the biggest difference from other restaurants around school is its large space. It’s big enough that people can go with several friends. There is also a self- serve bar. People can eat pickled radish, cabbage salad, and get beverages for free. Also, unlike other convenient restaurants, students can eat a hearty meal.

By Kim Daeun, cub-reporter

▲ The result of survey that which restaurant is the best in front of CWNU (The above results are just personal opinions of students who participated in the survey and it cannot be generalized.)

By Kim Daeun, cub-reporter  daun021800@naver.com

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