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Stories about the Study Program for International Students
  • By Lee Yeon-ju, reporter
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The major study program for international students is one of the programs hosted by the International Affairs and has been running since March 2018. This program has 26 teams and one international student and one Korean student join each team to share information, help with speaking Korean, help with Korean university systems, and adapt to campus life. Program application started at the beginning of the semester, and the program is carried out about nine times a semester with international students, who are mainly freshmen. Because freshmen have just graduated from high school and lack support, so their understanding of using Waggle system or school information is low. Some third and fourth graders usually have no knowledge of terms in their majors specifically and have a lot of presentation classes, so this program aims to support these problems. This program is different from the One-To-One program, which takes the form of activity and cultural experiences. So the One-To-One program focuses on Korean experiences rather than study courses. The major study program for international students received support from Gyeongsang National University as a regional initiative last year, and this year, it will receive support that is designated as a national university project scholarship.

Kim Min-jung, an International Affairs teacher, said "I will focus more on freshmen starting with the next Study program for international students. Because all major information is different among students and it is difficult to prepare thoroughly. So, I am preparing a system such as helping international students during the course application period by matching Korean students in advance and guiding them for a more complete study program next semester. It's a great opportunity for Korean students as well as international students, so I hope students will pay a lot of attention to this program and support the international students in studying hard."

Jing Zhi Yong (Dept. of International Trade, Chinese) and Ryu Ho Ik (Dept. of English language & literature, Korean)

Ryu : I'm usually interested in helping the vulnerable in society, but as a student, I tried to find the program related to my interest and finally, applied for this program. I am happy to be able to help my partner with language problems or ways to help and improve problems with him even if i can't help much. We usually share Korean and Chinese culture and talk about narrowing cultural differences. We talk a lot about the impact of Korean wave on China’s culture or China's influence on the economy and East Asia. This is related to my partner's major, so I try to motivate him to study and learn.Jing : In my opinion, to do everything that a person wants to do in foreign countries, language capability is the first considerate factor. So I applied to this program for the purpose of Korean speaking practice. My partner is so kind and always asks me if I need help and makes me comfortable. What I want to say to Korean students and teachers, I hope they will pay a lot of attention to foreign students. I sometimes feel that professors and Korean friends do not respond positively to foreign students while taking major classes. There are some international students who are good at adapting to Korea and participate in various programs, while other international students feel desperate because they have difficulty in adapting and lose interest in studying. For some of those students, I think it is necessary to have a wide countermeasure for the student to adapt and participate in Korea quickly.

Pham Ngoc Kieu (Dept. of Law, Vietnamese) and Jin Hyeon Min (Dept. of Law, Korean)

Jin : I need to meet various students because I am a student who is learning education and completing a course in teaching. While it is important to convey the message well in education, I think it is more important to consider the position of the partner’s understanding. For me, who needs to study as many teaching methods as possible, I applied for this program that can help other students, and now I’m participating for my third semester. I think the role of teaching is important, but the inner motivation of the learner is also important. So I want to suggest that compensation is given to partners when learners grades go up to a certain level. If this plan happens, we will have more external motivation to learn from each other.Pham : I applied for help with studying from a friend because I sometimes couldn't understand the professors lectures. The terminology related to law is difficult, and some of the terms do not have a direct translation to Vietnamese. So my partner teaches me with some examples when I ask him a question or some terms. The best part of this study program is that partners are helping me a lot because they've already taken all the courses in this major. And because of this, I actually have gotten a good grade each semester. Thank you to the teachers and partners for preparing these study programs and teaching me. It is no doubt to say that this is a satisfactory program for every international student. If there is anything to be desired, I would like to meet a lot of Korean students, but I have no other chance except this, so I hope that I can have a chance to meet a lot of Korean students for the purpose of exchanging languages.

Ho Thi Giang (Dept. of International Trade, Vietnamese) and Lee Yeon Ju (Dept. of English Language & Literature, Korean)

Ho : I applied for this program because meeting with Korean friends gives me many opportunities to communicate in Korean and I can also get variety of information. There are many difficult terms in my major classes, and it is sometimes difficult to ask for help from Korean friends who take the same class. Thus, this program is not only helpful for me, but I can also experience Korean cultures and the way to use computer programs, or files. I want more time to meet with my partner but we have a different timetable because our major is also different. Thus, it is difficult to acquire knowledge more professionally. But when it comes to how to use a computer, I get a lot of help. In Vietnam, it is difficult to use a computer because internet connection is not good. So, I am adjusting to computer related knowledge and usage. Next time, I want to study with a Korean friend who is in the same class. If there is anything I want to say, I would like to have a program to communicate with my Korean friends to make more use of Korean. For example, I would like to have a discussion program with five to six members to discuss together about Korea, the economy, and politics etc.

By Lee Yeon-ju, reporter  rosielee@kakao.com

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