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What Did International Students Do in Jeonju for 1 Night and 2 Days?
Group photo in front of Hanbyeok Cultural Experience Center

The ISC (International Students Council) and foreign students went to Jeonju to experience Korean culture from May 11 to May 12. On the first day, international students learned mask dance, pansori, and Hanji (Korean paper) craft. They had a good time trying on Hanbok in Jeonju Hanok Village. On the second day, they made unique pottery through a Korean pottery making class. To prepare all this, the international office staff and the ISC staff had an important role. They considered the vegetarian students and chose a restaurant with a vegetarian buffet or meatless bibimbap. In addition, they provided pamphlets containing information on Jeonju Hanok Village, mask dance, and pottery. There's something new since the formation of the ISC. In order to better deliver programs and information, ISC created an ISC Instagram account. Its ID is 'cwnu_isc' and please, follow it. They hope to post some information and photos after the experience. There is also a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/cnuinternational/), so please refer to it.

Enjoyable pottery making class

Phung, a student of mechanical engineering, said, "I made a flowerpot to decorate my room. Thanks to the pottery class, I learned how to make pottery, and I had a fun and rewarding time with my friends. I haven't received the pottery yet, but I'm looking forward to it.".

Students in colorful Hanbok

Minh anh, a studnent of english language and literature, said, "I was impressed when I first experienced Jeonju Hanok Village. I wore colorful and pretty hanbok with my friends and took many pretty pictures, so it became a very unforgettable memory. Thank you very much to the staff of the International Exchange Institute and the student association for planning many rewarding activities, programs and experiences for our foreign students.

Bibimbap and street food

The students ate Korean food, which represents a traditional Korean food. Bibimbap, seafood pancakes, egg rolls, and a variety of other side dishes were an opportunity to understand the Korean table. In Jeonju Hanok Village, they tasted Korean street foods such as chicken skewers, octopus skewers, shrimp dumplings, and chocolate pie.

Hanji craft, mask dance, and pansori

The students learned hanji craft, mask dance, and pansori at Hanbyeok Cultural Experience Center. Because pansori and sound were optional, it was divided into pansori teams and sound teams. They made storage boxes in hanji craft class, wore lion masks during mask dance class, and sang Chunhyangga during pansori class.

By Bae Yun-Bin  binibbo99@naver.com

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