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What is the International Students Council: ISC?
  • By Lee Yeon-ju, reporter
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There are many international students studying at Changwon National University. You've probably seen foreign students passing by on campus. Is there any time when you want to get to know those students but hesitated cause of a language barrier? Starting in 2019, ISC, the middle-man of communication between international students and Korean students, was established. It is the first time that the students organized a separate Council for foreign students. The first organizers Lee Da Sol (Dept of English Literature), Kwon Yu Bin (Dept of Business Administration) and Song Min Gyeong (Dept of International Relations) were introduced through the One-to-One Program of the international affairs department. Therefore, the English newspaper will introduce the International Student Council through an interview with Kwon Yu-bin, the president of the ISC.

Q: Can you introduce ISC?

A: ISC is a self-governing organization that supports foreign students at CWNU to in having a good school life. The goal is to establish a global campus by building a platform for exchange between Korean students and international students and to promote understanding in our multicultural society. The group will be composed of Koreans and international students. It is composed of Chairman, General Affairs, Planning Department, Communication Department and Secretary. The chairman and all departments will be comprised of Korean and international students at an equal rate. Korean students have already been selected and already had an orientation during the winter vacation, and the chairmen of the international students will be selected after the entrance ceremony. Currently, we are preparing for this ceremony in March and the schedule from the airport pickup to dormitory guidance.

Q: What is the purpose of creating the ISC?
A: I talked with Kim Min-jung of the Korea Institute of International Affairs and found out that Changwon University has no organization for international students. I thought that we need an organization for international students to improve their adaptability and to establish a bond with Korean students. So we started this organization from 3 leaders of the One-to-One program. And It is now reassuring me that 10 Korean students are organized together, not three. While planning the ISC, we want to start on an equal footing regardless of nationality. At first, the most worrisome part was choosing the executives who will lead the first phase of the ISC but fortunately, I have met good people who always care about ISC and relationships with others.

Q: What are the major events of this year?
A: The major events of this year include the entrance ceremony in March, the athletic meeting in April, the Global booth in May, the Beautiful Korea in June, the Summer Camp in July, the entry support for freshmen in the second half of this year, the Hangeul Day event in September, and the night for international students in November. There will also be an event for individual staff of ISC, and overall, the schedule is being coordinated so it is not a rigid schedule. Looking at the detailed operations, the first thing is to collaborate with the English Campus Journal. More useful information is available because a section for foreign students has been created for the first time. Second, is a multi-cultural education service activity. It is an educational program that educates foreign students about other countries and different cultures. Thirdly, we will produce a guidebook to distribute to new international students at CWNU. It will include visa extension, insurance application, and information on clicker and waggle websites. We will work hard so that all international students may participate in the events and exchange.

Q: Can you tell me the goals of each ISC executive?

A: Dept of communication

Bae Yun Bin said, "As we take the first step in the first phase of the International Student Council, we have a huge responsibility. From making promotional videos to posters, I am really excited to do something I have never experienced before. I want to make sure that we get along well each other."

And Kim Min-gon said, "I want to remove the language barrier, and I want to respect and accept individuals. I will be a real friend with international students by helping them get through problems in Korea and exchanging cultures.”

Dept of planning,

Lee Da Sol said, "I want to work hard to support for every student so that they can hang out with each other rather than just hanging out with friends only from the same country."

Song Min-kyung said, "I want to create an open minded international association for foreign students, and I hope all students who are thinking of studying abroad at Changwon University in the future, know about ISC.”

Heo Dong-gak said, "I want to create an ISC that will create more opportunities for foreign students to interact with Korean students and plan various programs that can be adapted to local culture."

Bae Se-eun said, "I want to help foreign students stand on their own feet and make it easier for them to socialize with students from Changwon University, and I think that the international student association should be open at the international school. I want to support all students to participate in international exchange programs.”

General Affairs

Jeon Ju Eun said, I want to make relationships and make real friends and be able to help right away when a foreign student is struggling for something. I also want to make an effort to develop the ISC as a bridge between Korean students and international students."

Q : Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

A: Lastly, I would like to say thank you to the English Campus Journal for covering the topic of the International Student Council. There are students who are not friendly or have prejudice to foreign students, so I hope there will be many opportunities to approach each other comfortably without being frightened or hesitant at first. In addition, I would like to say that a culture that is different is not wrong, so please understand and be considerate of each other's cultural differences.

By Lee Yeon-ju, reporter  rosielee@kakao.com

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