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The third annual graduation exhibition for the cultural technology departmentAn exhibition combining humanities and art
  • Gwon Min-gwan, reporter
  • 승인 2018.11.11 08:00
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▲“Advanced transportation method-Nurija”, by Kang Min-hoon

The Department of Culture Technology held a graduation exhibition at Cho Hyun-wook Art Hall on the second floor of building Dongbaek from October 31, 2018 to November 04, 2018. The purpose of the exhibition was to recreate spaces in Korea.

It not only displayed results of four years of study, but also provided unique experiences, such as allowing visitors to experience the exhibits through touch, playing instruments, and using VR. The most popular exhibit was experienced by wearing a headset in a chair, looking at a beautiful painting of space. On the headset, relaxing music plays, and people fill out worries with post-it and pens, and put them in the worry box (trash can). With warm music and a fairly private space inside the thread cotton canopy, many people throw their worries away in a box with writing that says 'I'll throw away your worries'. The space painting seems to say that their worries are too trivial compared to all of space.

Sweet persimmons piano, which utilizes Aduino, created a space full of autumn. Each of the eight persimmons on a pretty brown board made a different sound when lightly touched. People played with the sheet music on the table. The sweet persimmons, the sheet music, and the falling red leaves provided both visual and auditory satisfaction.

In addition to simply intriguing exhibits, there were also many exhibitions that included urban regeneration. ‘Dongmyo couture’ pointed out that the current Dongmyo of Seoul is a space only for some people so it needs to be developed for various target groups. Also, one exhibit explored how to reconstruct the old and distant Haeundae train station, despite the fact that Haeundae Beach and the busy street are right ahead. Another explored regenerate the closure of Jinhae Station, famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms. Yet another developed a new method of transportation in Changwon and the other one explored attracting more people to urban area in Samcheonpo by activating Yonggung Fisheries market.

Students presented the logo of the newly developed space, the current problem with the specific data, how to improve it, the expected effect, and their overall concept; they perfected the exhibition by implementing it from imagination to reality.

▲“NAEIL of Jinhae”, by Kim Jo-eun
▲“NAEIL of Jinhae”, by Kim Jo-eun

"I didn't know what students were learning in the department of cultural technology, but it was good to find out through this exhibition," said Kim Ga-bin, a physics major, who visited the exhibition. "I want to give the students a big hand." Han Seo-yoon, a Changwon resident, said, "It is amazing that students have done many of these things. I think the quality of the exhibition is as good as those that charge entrance fees."

Meanwhile, the department of cultural technology was established as a department of convergence and integration in 2009 and because of the unclear nature of major, they have been in conflict between the college of humanities and the college of arts. They do not belong to any college as of now.

▲“Art project Chang-Won”, by Park Eun-kyeong

By Gwon Min-gwan, reporter

Gwon Min-gwan, reporter  1zstarz1@naver.com

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