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Eager to have personal connections to get ‘Zocbo’

There are two tests each semester. Most students strive to have great grades. It is important not only to take lectures seriously but also to analyze the professor’s tendencies. Many students try to get Zocbo (a copy of the test from the same class given during a previous semester) to make sure they get a good grade. Moreover, a semester at University will be a breeze for students who have Zocbo as they have a high possibility to get great grades. For a long time, it’s been common to try to find people who have it. These days, many people are trying to buy or sell it on Facebook or Everytime (a social network service).

However, to make an exchange or sell Zocbo without the professor’s approval is copyright infringement. Sharing it creates a legal problem and various opinions exist among students. and various opinions exist among students. Some students don’t understand why people strive to have perfect grades under this illegal action. Students should have equal and fair opportunities to compete against other. On the other hand, a few students say that they don’t see any problem because to get Zocbo is our ability. We talked about this problem with Kim Jongyoon and Yoo Dongguen, two students who represent Changwon University.

Q: What do you think of Zocbo?

KIM: Students should not be allowed to use Zocbo. Professors have to change all the tests each time. In other words, they have to make students feel it is unnecessary. Otherwise students will lose the ability to think creatively and it will have a negative impact. They cannot learn how to utilize and develop their thoughts. I think that memorizing Zocbo is just studying to fill up the answer sheet. Of course there’s a huge temptation to study like this for me because I have the ability to get Zocbo and a desire to have great grades. However, I have always fought against the temptation because of my beliefs.

YOO: I don’t think that Zocbo is always bad. Students who have poor grades have an opportunity to study hard with it. This is a good effect for students with bad grades. Similarly, it’s given me a lot of help. I’m not an excellent student but I can recognize which chapter of a book is important and understand how to study with Zocbo. I do agree there is a negative effect though. Some professors give a test which has the same questions every time. But we can learn sociality and humanity in University. To achieve great grades due to getting Zocbo is the reward of keeping good relationships with others.

Setting up different questions for a test is the most efficient way to estimate abilities. Professors have to change the types of questions. If they did this, students wouldn’t need Zocbo anymore. It would just provide a direction of study even if they did have it. For example, there is Professor Ko Bongzin in the electrical engineering department. He changes 80% of test questions for important chapters, leaving only 20% the same. Students don’t have to look for Zocbo and they can recognize what is important in this subject.

Professor Kim Younghee also in the electrical engineering department gives 3 years of Zocbo to every student for free. He makes students utilize it and changes the type of questions. This is a useful way to have equal and fair competition. Students are satisfied by this as well.

It is hard to change an existing idea but there are various solutions like those implemented by the electrical engineering professors. Equal and fair competition needs to be a conversation between professors and students. Students have to demand their rights and try to solve their problems. Professors should try to create an environment where students stretch their creativity as well as have fair competition.

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