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The Festival centered on the People, not Alcohol
  • By Kim Young-min, Baik Jong-mi
  • 승인 2018.10.02 23:45
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Every year, a big festival is held at Changwon National University to enlighten the students and relieve the stress that they had during the semester. During this event, celebrities come to perform, outsiders come to look around and students work as hard as they can to maintain their booths. The best part about the booths at the festival is that each department gets to have their own booth at specific locations and prepare a unique set of activities for everyone to enjoy. Until this year, everything seemed the same, but this year’s festival aimed to have a safe and wholesome environment without the sale of alcohol on the campus.

Usually, during these festivals, alcoholic beverages are sold within the campus to the customers who dine in the booths to try the different dishes prepared by the students from different departments. This is where the controversy began because this year, a law that banned the sale of alcohol on campus was reinforced. This meant that students were not allowed to sell any type of alcoholic drinks inside or out of their booths. Thus, customers had to go to nearby convenience stores to buy alcohol and bring it on the campus if they wanted to drink more. This was a major change brought about to the campus festival, but what other changes or details were added to this year’s festival? To answer that question, the president from the Early childhood Education Department, Jeong Sae-hwa, responded by providing intricate details of this year’s festival according to her own experience over the festival week.

Q1. The student council had projected a quite different festival compare to preceding ones by banning the sale of alcoholic beverages. What do you think of this fresh new policy? And in your opinion, did the festival go according to the student council’s original plan?

Jeong Sae-hwa- Firstly, after the announcement of alcohol prohibition, I assume lots of confusion was spread through departments that had been planning for a bar this festival. However, to be optimistic, I was glad to try a variety of different dishes prepared by different departments, because when there was liquor, bars tended to focus on only selling alcohol instead of dishes served with alcoholic beverages. However, this year, due to an absence of their main focus, students came up with lots of different ideas and food that delighted our tongues. Secondly, In the 3 years of my college life, the first 2 years had alcoholic beverages always acting as the nuclei of the festival so not a lot of people focused their attention on characterization business. Nevertheless, by getting rid of the nuclei, people started to turn their attention towards the students and we all could experience a unique set of activities that were prepared by different departments. Through these circumstances, I am pretty sure we can advertise our own school CWNU.

Q2. During this year’s festival, instead of opening a bar like others, the Early childhood Education Department carried out a characterization business. Could you please tell us specifically what you did over the festival?

Jeong Sae-hwa- This year, we’d chosen a ‘water’ as our main topic of the characterization business and proceeded. Water is one of the easiest sources we can get around us, and so we prepared a series of simple activities to introduce preschoolers to the main properties of water. We wanted to show how children could acknowledge the tangled concept of water through teaching methods we demonstrated over the festival.

Q3. Any comments on this year’s festival? And according to your experience this year, what do you expect more of next year and what is needed to be improved to supplement this wonderful event?

Jeong Sae-hwa- In my own perspective, this year’s festival was fabulous. The student council did a wonderful job and I want to give them a huge hand. However, the weather always prevents us from a perfect festival. Due to rainy weather, we had a lot of difficulties with our characterization business. I think the same goes for every department regardless of that they’d prepared. I strongly wish for sunny weather next year so the juniors can enjoy the perfect festival in the perfect weather.

The festival had a lot of variety thanks to the different booths that were found all over the campus. No booth was the same and what made them special was that they all tried to link their activities to the lessons that they have learned in their majors. One example is the special education department had five different activities which spread awareness on how to communicate with the disabled. So, during the day, the booths were more focused on activities that anyone could participate in. Then, when the night came, the stage performances officially began. This was the most anticipated sequence of events that got everyone was excited. This year’s lineup of artists was Girlfriend, Monday Kiz, and BeWhy respectively on the three days of the festival. Also, the transition from day to night happened with the well-lit tents of the different departments opening up to serve what they prepared throughout the day. This could be one of the reasons why it was difficult to find a seat in a booth, and the venue was crowded with people coming in. This is where food trucks come in to help those who could not reserve a seat. The vehicles were parked in front of the school’s main entrance so everyone could grab a bite of what they wanted for reasonable prices.

Overall, this year’s festival showed how alcohol was not the necessary substance to make the festival enjoyable. It was also very beneficial since all the proceeds of the event go to charity and help out the people in need. In addition, this was a great showcase of the capabilities of the festival because all the booths were not centered on alcohol this time. In fact, the students of different departments all tried their best to think of ways to approach their customers differently. Hopefully, the student council will think of even more ways to improve the upcoming festivals in terms of waste segregation, stage performances, and the all-around creativity to the booths itself to make the event truly enjoyable not just for the students but for the audiences who come to witness the celebration.

Unique sandwiches served from the Cultural Technology Dept.
Students and outsiders enjoying the night in the booths of different colleges.
Unique sandwiches served from the Cultural Technology Dept.
An Early childhood Education Department booth.

By Kim Young-min, Baik Jong-mi  dnl2874@naver.com

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