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Pan Bing-Bing goes missing in china
  • Park-Seon gyeong, reporter
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Do you know Fan Bing-Bing? I'm sure you've seen her on TV or the Internet. She is a famous Chinese actress and top star who even worked in Hollywood. However, since June, her whereabouts have been unknown. The incident began with the revelation of Chui-Yong yuan, a popular announcer for China's state-run CCTV.

He said that Fan Bing-Bing wrote an unconfirmed dual contract and evaded a huge amount of taxes. She made only a four-day movie, but received 60 million yuan, and did not pay proper taxes through the dual contract. His revelations about her have led to the rise of the issue, with her agency’s stocks and the number of moviegoers falling sharply. Since then, she steadily stopped her activities on social networking sites. Pan Bing-Bing has been still missing for more than three months. With no broadcasting or personal activity, her fans grew worried.

Although a star celebrity has disappeared, her agency and the Chinese authorities have not made any official announcements about the issue. Rumors of death, imprisonment, and asylum in the United States spread. In addition, one Taiwan media outlet reported that Chinese officials said she will not return. Even worse, Fan Bing-Bing's office was suddenly emptied and her cars have disappeared. A photo of Fan Bing-Bing wearing handcuffs was posted, but the photo was eventually found to be a composite photograph. In addition, Fan Chung-cheong, her younger brother and a member of the group Nine percent, became more curious as people shed tears at his fan meeting.

World-famous companies signed an advertising deal with her while she was active. However, famous brands are canceling contracts and deleting promotional materials related to her after the recent controversy. Her drama series and her films in China have postponed their release dates indefinitely.

The incident is deeply related to the recent investigation of the government's tax evasion across the Chinese film & entertainment industry. The Chinese government is reportedly conducting a massive tax investigation on celebrities earning high incomes. The Chinese government said that it will form a joint investigation team to investigate the charges of tax evasion and extradition of foreign currency by focusing on celebrities such as movie stars, models, TV stars, and sports stars. On June 3, the department of China's National Tax Service announced on their official Weibo that they will focus high importance on dual contracts in the entertainment industry.

In 2002, there was a similar case in China. It was Liu Xiao Qing, a popular actress representing China. She was also under intensive Chinese investigation and arrested for tax evasion. At that time, there were many rumors about Ryu's whereabouts. While being investigated in custody, there were many rumors floating around. Liu Xiao Qing reportedly spent 422 days in jail after the investigation by the authorities.

But recently, Pan Bing-Bing traces were found. It was discovered that she logged on her SNS account, which had not been active for three months. And Taiwan's Apple Daily reported that since the tax evasion investigation, Pan Bing-Bing is currently staying at home quietly without outside contact, according to the order of the authorities. Full legal judgment will be announced later this month. However, unlike the previous case of Liu Xiao Qing, some lawyers argue that China's tax evasion law will not include jail time since it was revised in 2009 and the additional penalty is made. Attention is being focused on whether she will be able to return to the entertainment industry later.

Park-Seon gyeong, reporter  asdf9382@naver.com

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