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In the age of spending money on sleep
  • By Lee Yeon-ju, reporter
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Sometimes when you are tired and fall asleep at home, you may not be able to sleep well. You may feel like, “I slept long enough to get up early, but I do not feel refreshed”. Modern people want to 'sleep more deeply' but their bodies are tossing and turning without getting the sleep needed because of stress, fatigue, and a smartphone alarm. What do modern people with such insomnia need? “Sleeponomics”, an emerging industry for healthy sleep will help you!

Sleeponomics, a combination of ‘sleep’ and ‘economics’, is an industry that has grown as modern people begin to spend a lot of money on sleep. The reason for the increase in the social expenditure of sleeping is that sleeping time has been reduced and interest in health has increased. Currently, the size of the sleep related market is developing worldwide and is likely to continue to develop in the future. Sleep related businesses include various products such as bedclothes, IT products, medical devices, and household goods for sleep better. People are even being hired for a new job, a Sleep consultant.

The sleeping space rental industry, such as "sleeping cafe" and "CGV Siesta”, is becoming very popular among tired office workers. Sleep cafes are being built in places where companies are closeby. Rather than just providing a simple sleeping space, there are lids, music and massage chairs to provide a good quality sleeping environment. If you tell staff the time you have to wake up, they will wake you up at your specific time. CGV Siesta is a service that allows you to enjoy a nap for up to 90 minutes at the Premium theater, mainly utilizing a leisure time on weekdays. This service has been running for about 10 months in Yeouido.

In addition, 'customized' sleeping items that consider an individual's sleeping habits and body are interesting. There are a variety of sleep products that are subdivided into many fields. There are bedding products that utilize advanced technology and new materials. An example is a memory foam mattress that helps people with sensitive skin and respiration. Philips introduced a 'Smart Sleep Headband'. This is a hair band that helps relieve tension and induces sleep through white noise. The sensor on the device analyzes the brain waves and helps to keep the deep sleep state by adjusting the white noise according to the activity of the brain brain’s activity.
Sleep consultants provide information about a good sleeping environment to those who experience sleep disturbances, and recommend products for sleep when needed. They perform custom consulting by giving advice on different areas such as sickness, sleeping habits, and bedclothes to improve sleep quality. In recent years, the city of Seoul included sleep consultants in a list of four promising women's jobs; this has become an increasingly interested profession.

Let's sleep smart! You can improve the quality of your sleep by using the smartphone application "Good Sleep". Its big advantage is that you can set the sleep mode according to your schedule using the two modes: nap mode and sleep mode. In addition, you can choose the sound that is most suitable for you before you fall asleep, by providing a variety of natural sounds for each category, just like ASMR. A similar application is a "Sleep Set". When you run a Sleep Set, it will analyze the sleep patterns of users while you sleep and recommend the appropriate music for you. This sleep can lead to not only an insomnia solution but also stress reduction.
Just a few years ago, it would have been impossible to imagine paying for sleep. But recently, it has become important to develop various services and sleeping supplies for quality sleep. But the most important thing is to lead a leisurely life for healthy sleep. What do you need now to get quality sleep?

▲ A modern person suffering from insomnia (Resource : Korea economic magazine)
▲ Smart sleep hair band (Resource : Philips)

By Lee Yeon-ju, reporter  rosielee@kakao.com

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