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The doubled-edged sword of the ‘Me Too Movement’
  • Seo Seong-Il, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2018.06.11 03:58
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On May 15, the famous YouTuber, Yang Ye-won, posted a video clip on Facebook and YouTube. In the video, she said she had a part-time job as a nude model three years ago and claimed she was sexually harassed during the photo shoot process. The photo shoot was conducted from the demands of a forceful director and a forced atmosphere, so she took it in desperation. Later, her photos were illegally distributed on the internet and she took the damage even greater. Many citizens who watched the video were angry, choosing to support and cheer her on.

So, Yang Ye-won sued the director of studio and the police investigation began amid keen public interest. However, while the investigation was underway, the studio denied the charges by submitting a SNS message to the authorities that she exchanged protest material with. The content of the SNS message seemed to indicate that she had asked the director about the schedule of the photo shoot and wanted it. Unlike what she said earlier, there were no forcibled actions from the director in which she claimed did. In addition, she claimed to have taken a total of five photos. Instead, it turned out that thirteen photoshoot contracts were handwritten.

As the investigation continued to progress, her claims and other evidence were revealed one after another. Public opinion, in support of cheering for her, began to turn against her.

Currently, she now has 220,000 subscribers as a popularity YouTuber. Therefore, she is accused of ridiculing millions of people with her powerful ripple effect and of using the ‘Me Too Movement’ in the opposite direction. Even the victims who participated in the ‘Me Too Movement’ also suggested that “you are pretending to be a victim just like Yang Ye-won.

Following the Yang Ye-won case, there has been a lot of controversy over the enactment of a ‘calumny special law’ and national petition is under way of Cheong Wa-dae. The ‘calumny special law’ allows the existing crime to be punished more comprehensively and strongly. A calumny is achieved when someone tells or exaggerates the falsehood of a crime committed against them. For example, if a victim tells of damage by adding exaggeration or false statements when a crime occurs, the suspect can legally reprimand the victim for being calumny.

It is difficult to establish a calumny case in our county since it is not enough to make a unilateral statement. We need to examine the relevant data in detail. In addition, since the level of punishment is low, there are many opinions on establishing “calumny special law’ to reduce the number of victims of false information and exaggeration and to increase the level of punishment of the perpetrators. In fact, not only Yang Ye-won, but similar situations have been committed and innocent people were damaged by the misuse of the ‘Me Too Movement’.

Recently, due to the prevalence of the ‘Me Too Movement’, people’s perception of sexual crimes have grown. Sex crimes should be eliminated, and the punishment should be strong. However, we should not abuse the ‘Me Too Movement’ by insisting on exaggeration and false facts about the damage. Victims should not create a society that is constantly criticized, rather one that is consistently sympathized with.

Seo Seong-Il, cub-reporter  qlvmfl99@naver.com

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