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Might you have chronic fatigue too?
  • By Park Ji-Hwan, cub-reporter
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According to the National Health Information Portal Medical Information Agency, patients who visit hospitals with symptoms of fatigue, that have lasted for more than six months, now account for about 7 to 10 percent of all patients. Modern people, who live restlessly in their busy lives, often suffer from chronic fatigue due to lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and stress that stems from studying, employment, and relationships. However, many people consider chronic fatigue to be just light, temporary fatigue and do not seek treatment or recovery.

Unlike fatigue, where the body and mind become tired and the ability to work temporarily decreases, chronic fatigue, for no reason, lasts for more than six months and does not recover from the disease itself. The underlying cause of these symptoms is that too much stress and can cause problems in the brain’s function which, in turn, reduces brain vitality. As a result, the health and immune system quickly worsens,leading to a virus infection and even the symptoms of muscle aches and headaches. In addition to these physical problems, they also cause serious mental issues like depression, inactivity, panic disorder, and cognitive disorder. Chronic fatigue is also very relevant to the health of one’s liver. The liver decodes fatigue substances, but if it gets worse, the body will naturally build up too much fatigue, leading to the possibility of chronic fatigue syndrome. In other words, the presence of the chronic fatigue syndrome means that the liver and body’s health have deteriorated as a whole. In particular, the liver is called the “silent organ” because there are no symptoms, even if there are abnormalities. So if fatigue persists, one should question their ideal health.

Modern people need to work on their own to keep their liver healthy and escape the possibility of getting chronic fatigue.Why don’t you check your health status and practice prevention and improvement using your chronic fatigue self-diagnosis table (below)? Here are some ways to improve your lifestyle to restore a healthy life. First, exercise steadily to keep the body in good circulation and weight. Exercise is usually recommended three to four times a week, at least 30 minutes a day. Second, take foods rich in vitamins and minerals instead of greasy foods. Third, avoid excessive drinking and smoking. Fourth, have enough rest and sleep time (6 to 8 hours a day). Fifth, prepare a way to positively deal with stress. One way of doing so is by such as finding your own hobby or participating in leisure activities. It is also a good idea to visit counseling centers on campus to express your worries or stress.

Taking special drugs to prevent chronic fatigue and methods of protecting the health of one’s liver, can have very rapid effects. Some are side effects that one that can lead to further health degradation. Above all, improving your lifestyle is ideal and medications are recommended after careful consultation with your doctor.

▲ A self-diagnosis table for chronic fatigue syndrome (Source : SISA NEWS)
▲ Modern people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome due to overworking and an excessive amount of stress

It is good to look forward and run, but if you just run without taking a break, you will end up getting tired and unable to get up. Sometimes it is necessary to stop and look at yourself and move slowly to maintain a healthy body and mind.

By Park Ji-Hwan, cub-reporter  mm9780@naver.com

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