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Changwon City and CWNU Grow Together

Changwon City will celebrate '2018 Changwon Visit Year' on July 25th. CWNU translated the ‘Changwon City Tourism Guide for The Activation of Community Tourism’, which is a brochure for tourists, to a Chinese and Japanese version, and delivered them to the Community Center in Uichang-dong, Changwon.

The ceremony was held with representatives from both organizations, including Vice President Cho Hyung-gyu of the LINC+ business team, and Lee Sam-soo Stadium of Uichang-dong.

As part of the regional cooperation project in the first year, CWNU's LINC + Business Group (Chief Executive Park Kyung-hoon) produced translated versions of the brochures, such as tourist guides, to the Chinese and Japanese language. The Department (Dept.) of Chinese Studies (Professor Kim Yoon-jung) and the Dept. of Japanese Language & Literature (Professor Kim Sun-hee) assisted in the translation. The program added that the process of translating the contents of the guidebook to a foreign language, which was carried out by students' pure talent donation, adds the meaning of the joint project.

Kim Young-woo (Dept. of Chinese, 15), who participated to the translation, said, "I heard that the number of tourists visited Changwon in April alone because the 2018 is nominated as Changwon Visit Year. I know that there have been many visitors to Changwon every year, and some of them should be foreigners. Until last year, however, there were no tourist guides for foreigners. So, we began to translate in hopes that foreigners who visit the Changwon City in this year would enjoy the city more comfortably. During the translation process, there were many concerns and worries about what would be necessary for foreigners to understand tourist guides more easily. However, it seems that the students who translated it together have been well coordinated. And I heard that the number of foreign tourists doubled this year from last year. I was proud of the idea that what we did together was not in vain. Also, it was very rewarding and pleased to think that what we are doing is one way that Changwon City and CWNU can grow together. I would like to actively participate in future regional cooperation projects."

In addition, Mr. Cho Hyung-kyu, the Vice President of LINC + the business team at CWNU said, "We will faithfully do the role of educational institution such as the translation project to promote the tourism in the region and training local cultural commentators. So, we will put the greater effort to develop the community."

Lee Sam-soo Stadium said, "Our goal is make both the community and college grow together, and we will further cooperate with these local collaboration projects." This means that Changwon City hopes for CWNU to actively participate and support other regional collaboration projects in the future.

The regional cooperation projects in Changwon City, such as the Changwon City Tourism Guide, which was written with students’ pure talent donations, are meaningful as they allow regional and university growth together. Another regional collaboration project is the "Community Association of University Teachers", which has been promoted by Changwon City since the beginning of this year. This is a project to provide the wide range of deep solutions to community problems by utilizing the university's abundant manpower and resources. In this regard, Kyongnam University also started to give tasks to students on how to develop the community or solve local problems in some subjects. As this project is already being implemented in other regions, it is a project that needs to be implemented quickly within Changwon. "We hope to promote the community interest and problem-solving skills of the younger generation through the course of regional studies," a Changwon city officer said. He emphasized the necessity of help from the students of CWNU. Students of our school also should be interested in local issues and start to use their excellent capabilities to solve the local problem.

  • By Kim min seon, cub-reporter

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