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The inauguration ceremony; the direct election system becoming an issue
  • By Kim Young-min, cub reporter
  • 승인 2018.04.17 02:42
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Q: How was the inauguration ceremony this year? Are there any incommodities? There was supposed to be a vote related to the direct election of the president of our university, which did not happen. How much do you know about this system and would you have agreed to this policy or not?

Eun-hwa Kim from Dept. of International relations

For the safety and good luck for all the students from different colleges in our university and for all the wishes to improve our university’s systems, this very ceremony is meaningful all the time. This year students’ voices of fulfilling the direct election system rose. In my opinion, if school exists to satisfy the needs of students and if school needs students who promise bright futures for the school, those students are eligible to be granted with some authorities in elected the president of the school. This was one of the reasons to look forward to participating the inauguration ceremony for me because I had heard that the vote will be held on this matter. However, because the number of student participations did not meet a certain standard, the vote could not be recognized. I felt so sorry for the rest of the students whom felt the same as me. But even though the plan couldn’t come true, I wish executives of the school wouldn’t ignore our courage because I believe students will keep throwing stones until we knock down Goliath.

By Kim Young-min, cub reporter  dnl2874@naver.com

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