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Changwon University, standing out in overseas dispatch and employment programs
  • Lee Hun, editor-in-chief
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▲ Connecting with Ho Chi Minh University of Social Sciences and Humanities for overseas employment in Vietnam

Changwon University is showing prominence in its student oversea dispatch and employment programs through their university specialization project. According to Changwon University’s (President Hae Bum Choi’s) statement on the 27th, the University, with the support of the Local University Specialization Project (CK-1), managed to provide about 400 students with the opportunity of studying abroad, and 20 students succeeded at being employed overseas in the year 2017.

Changwon University’s Local University Specialization Project (CK-1), which is funded by the Ministry of Education with a total of 25.2 billion KRW, is a national project aimed at encouraging local universities to cultivate talented students with creative competencies through the enhancement of their undergraduate education and through their active participation in diverse academic fields. Accordingly, the Changwon University Specialization Project Promotion Headquarters (General Manager Byeong Kwan Ryu) is strengthening their students’ global competitiveness by offering them a variety of education programs that focuses on fostering creative and customized human resources that guides local economies.

Changwon University, with its 6 specialization projects and 2 specialization excellence departments - which is the largest in all national and public universities, is in particular giving full support to students so that they could participate in various overseas exchange programs.

In fact, in the year 2017, about 400 students had the opportunity to study abroad with the University investing about 1 billion KRW to start about 20 different overseas dispatch programs. The diversification of the overseas dispatch, into the United States, China, Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, and the Philippines, boosted the students’ satisfaction rates. The University is improving its students’ foreign language competency levels and motivating them to go overseas by providing all participating students of its specialization project with compact-sized Advanced Foreign Language Education (ELP) level classes.

The University’s also fostering global leaders by providing students with customized overseas education programs in conjunction with career exploration and experience in “Changwon University’s 5 areas of sustainable specialization studies” which in includes studies in Mecha Fusion, Offshore Convergence, Southeast BIZ, Bio Science Convergence, and Community Linkage (Multicultural/Gyungnam Studies).

The Vietnam Business Professional Course, which had 20 students attending and had aimed at entering the overseas job market, presented a new model of overseas employment by achieving feats like 100% job placement in Vietnam and being published on local and international media.

In 2017, the Changwon University Specialization Project Promotion Division opened and operated the Vietnam Business Expert Course, which was an industry-demand based curriculum that combined specialized subjects with non-specialized subjects. All 20 students who participated in this course have been confirmed to have been employed at Vietnam’s mid to big-sized enterprises.

Students have been employed in over 10 different companies like Seah Commerce Co., Hansol Co., C&K Co., Dreambin Co., Jeongwoo Binna Co., and KAD Co. These companies are considered as prominent companies on-site.

The foundation basis of these companies is diverse, from those of local to global Vietnamese corporations. This diversity opened up new possibilities for the comparatively isolated students from humanities and social sciences departments whom made up 65% of the companies’ hiring rate.

It has also been reported that the average salary, which was about 40 million KRW, and the variety in coverage of welfare systems, like accommodations, air tickets, and legally paid vacations, kept those employed participating students’ satisfaction rates high. The reason Changwon students could achieve 100% overseas employment in Vietnam was due to thorough research and analysis of the local market, and because of an education system that was built accordingly.

The University, through the analysis of the diverse Vietnamese job market, established a training curriculum that was focused on developing customized competencies which were required by local companies. It also made its students take up to 2000 hours of industry-based courses - 1700 hours offline and 300 hours online.

In addition, the actions taken by President Hae Beom Choi and his administration office visited prestigious universities in Vietnam, such as Ho Chi Minh Humanities and Social Sciences University, Ho Chi Minh Industrial University, Dong nai National University, and Tudun Technical College, and with industries like the Korea Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, where they signed an MOU in regards to recruiting exceptional individuals for employment, led to actual employment.

Chang Ik Lee, a graduate of the year 2012 from the Department of Taxation and current employee in Vietnam, talked about how students should decide carefully because information sessions only mention the positives when there are both positives and negatives on-site. He also mentioned about the importance of actual language proficiency post-employment versus the importance of school grades and TOEIC scores prior to it. He stated that Vietnamese and English is a given, but Chinese is also required because of large amounts of companies coming from China due to labor costs. He continued to say that employment in Vietnam needed to be seen as a long-term process, so it’s recommended for those who’re confident in staying over 3 years. He stated that the Vietnamese labor market is like a double-edged sword, that its ever fluent market makes raising salaries as easy as getting fired, so thoughtful action’s needed.
Byeong Gwan Ryu, Changwon University Specialization Project’s vice-president explained that, “Changwon University’s specialization project is a large-scale national project that’s contributing to cultivating talented people with its market-oriented education system, on-site education system, capacity-based education, and by cultivating global talents with a total investment of 25.2 billion KRW by February of 2019.” He continued by stating that “the University will continue to do its best at enhancing global capabilities by actively engaging in overseas exchange programs for students

Lee Hun, editor-in-chief  20160189@changwon.ac.kr

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