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Interviews with the editors of CWNU : CUB
  • By Lee Yeon-ju, cub reporter
  • 승인 2018.03.05 01:59
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Do you know where the Changwon University newspapers and multi-vision videos are coming from? Changwon University newspaper plays a big role. The main media are the Korean newspaper ‘CWUP’, the English newspaper ‘The Campus Journal’, and the Changwon Broadcasting Station ‘CUB’. Since the university newspaper is not a school club, but an in-school department, it is supported by the school and takes part in activities. The press plays an important role in conveying information from an objective point of view, allowing the public to know the information and form a public opinion on the correct situation. We've heard about the university newspaper sometimes, but many students do not know what they are doing, so I would like to interview each of the three department editors of the media and introduce about Changwon University Newspaper.

Q: Introduce yourself briefly. Please share the role of Kim Na Hyun in CUB.

Kim: Hello, my name is Kim Na-hyun of the Department of Statistics. I’m the 39th Director of affairs at Changwon University Broadcasting Station which is a trusted creative broadcast. I map out a general plan and administer the business in the station collectively.

Q: Tell us what CUB does and how the work is divided.
Kim: Changwon University Broadcasting Station produces radio and visual media. The radio is transmitted through the campus speakers from 1:00 pm to 1:15 pm and from 17:45 pm to 18:15 pm, providing useful information to students who walk around campus. Our video (CUB NEWS) shows the current situation of Changwon University and plans the progress of the school. CUB produces video news and is broadcasted every two weeks for 15 minutes through multi-vision in the school. The broadcasting station is divided into three divisions: production department, announcement department, and technical department, depending on the job they perform. The production department writes radio and video scripts, the announcer performs the recorded speech and makes an appearance in video clips, and the technical department coordinates radio console, video recording and editing. In conclusion, we make the information easy to understand and easy to view through the production process of the three departments.

Q: What do you think about the role of the university newspaper?
Kim: The university newspaper is responsible for delivering news to students easily and quickly. And the words of the press are heavier than any other word. Therefore, I think it is the role of the press to report objective facts quickly and accurately without distortions and to be responsible for the reporting.

Q: What was the hard work or the reward for doing the station work?
Kim: The hard thing is that everything I say carries weight and I have to take responsibility for it, so when I make a mistake or have a broadcasting accident, I get angry at myself. But I am really proud when I plan and make something for the school and when things are going smoothly and get completed. I can't choose any job if I choose the things that have been worthwhile. It seems to be a struggle for the achievement of broadcast time for the radio delivery duration every week.

Q: Is there anything you want to improve over last year?
Kim: I am trying to make a broadcasting station that can get closer to the students of Changwon University. The biggest improvement and change in this year is the planning (culture) image part. Unlike the past, which provided information related to the four categories of books, movies, festivals and performances, Changwon University students will be invited to the broadcasting station to organize a cultural image that includes their voices.

Q: Lastly, as the director, what do you say to the officials and students?
Kim: A college student can be burdened with adding other things in addition to his or her major. But I would like to tell you that being a college journalist is really a great job. It is more rewarding and meaningful to think about making a broadcast that will be heard around the college and will reach students more easily. So I am doing my best to create a better broadcasting environment for the people and I support everyone’s broadcasting activities enthusiastically. If you are interested in broadcasting stations and have a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for your work, do not hesitate to apply. You will feel proud of your college life.

By Lee Yeon-ju, cub reporter  rosielee@kakao.com

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