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Taking freshmen's first step in CWNU
  • Park Seon-gyeong
  • 승인 2018.03.04 16:00
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▲ Various Didimodol activities with participants

CWNU opened the Didimdol program for 2018's freshmen since last year. This program was held on Jan15-18 and on Feb 19-22 separating early acceptance applicants from later ones. Around 170 freshmen participated in this program. The ACE+ Business Unit started the Didimdol program only for freshmen. The purpose of this camp is to cultivate character. Also, Basic Education of Institution and ACE+ Business Unit allowed freshmen to complete one credit of liberal arts by participating in the program. They received education while staying in the dormitory. The education included various indoor and outdoor activities.

On campus, personality lectures by professors were held in a way where students were divided according to their major. They attended lectures based on student-oriented discussions. Thus, they had their first class to understand their major through professors. Next, there was a discussion time with elder students in which excellent upperclassmen prepared presentations about campus tips for the freshmen and held a Q&A. Participants went overtime flooding the upperclassmen with questions showing their passion about their upcoming college life. Freshmen said that useful activity offered effective studying methods and advice. There was also safety education about CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) where students were able to learn the exact method using models, rather than just observing. Another program was physical activity in the gym. Through this, they conducted various activities and became close with each other.

Off campus, they visited the GOODDAY Museum in Changwon and learned about excellent local businesses. Another program which allowed them to feel a general view of the area was seeing the Changwon-based baseball team (NC DINOS) stadium. They looked around the alleys in Chang-dong, they could see the meaning of the nearby, but not well-known alleys. As freshmen walk around Changwon city, they can increase their interest in the community and go further to take pride in the local community.

Through Didimdol education, freshmen experienced various activities as CWNU students in advance of the school year. Activities were mainly done in teams, so they could communicate and cooperate with each other with a positive effect. Song Min-gyeong (International Relations '18) said that Didimdol has left a good memory and she recommends it to 2019’s freshmen. Sin Dong-soo, the leader of the ACE+ Business Unit said that freshmen will not learn with just a college guide, but also about their personality and communication first. He also fosters to develop the Didimdol program which can help to shape the future for young students.

By Park Seon-gyeong, reporter

Park Seon-gyeong  asdf9382@naver.com

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