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Students' opinions: Returning to farming in youth
  • By Lee Yeon-ju, cub reporter
  • 승인 2017.11.20 23:58
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Have you ever thought of "returning to farming"? Unlike in the past when people returned to rural areas to seek country life, young people are moving from urban areas to rural villages to jump into the agricultural industry for a living. Recently, advances in modern medical science have increased life expectancy, but the situation after retirement has become financially adverse for many people. To make matters worse, companies are refusing to hire older employees in preference to younger applicants. Thus, people started to seek for much safer business which farming spontaneously grasped their interest.

Let’s consider this contemporary situation while hearing the thoughts of students at CWNU regarding “Returning to farming in youth”.

Lee Da Sol (1st year in Dept. of English Language & Literature)
I’m positive about returning to farming at a young age. These days young people are increasingly finding jobs that pay well or are becoming civil servants for the decent welfare benefits. I think that society will be revived only through an increase in more job establishments and an improvement in the diversity of industry. Nevertheless, returning to farming at a young age can be part of the foundation of new careers. Therefore, I believe that returning to farming in youth will be a good solution to youth unemployment, as well as the aging population of rural areas.

Kim Hyo-kyung (1st year in Mathematics)
If I had a chance, I would like to try farming. When young people return to rural places they can play the role of social welfare agencies and village secretaries in association with local governments. Moreover, they can even contribute to the development of farming villages, such as converting closed-down schools into art museums or planning rural experience programs using their experiences of social life. I particularly endorse this phenomenon because one would be able to use 100% of his time just enjoying his own backyard.

Kim Se-eun (2nd year in Dept. of Nursing Science)
Based on my knowledge, agriculture is normally inherited as a family tradition. But if someone has no connection or underlying assets, settling down in a rural area as a farmer would be a hard decision to make. As the financial burden of individual households is decreasing slightly in the current political atmosphere, economic factors still need to be considered. Realistically, the intensity of farm work is not profitable compared to other hard work, and it isn’t easy to decide on unless unavoidable circumstances arise.

Chu Man Suk (1st year in School of Nano & Advanced Materials Engineering)
I think it is a sad decision to see youth get into farming. Nowadays, farming is mostly done by machines. These machines are designed to be operated by older people. Therefore, modern farming is simply just labor. I feel that I don’t have to sacrifice my youth for farming because I can farm whenever I want. Young people will be able to hone better skill as talented individuals if they pursue their favorite work and use their major rather than choosing agriculture for a living.

By Lee Yeon-ju, cub reporter  rosielee@kakao.com

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