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A chance to experience our Beautiful Korea

The two international students of CWNU in Seoul

The purpose of this program is to unite international and domestic students to travel the country together

Q: Could you Introduce yourself and your team briefly to the CWNU readers.
Hao: Hi everyone, I’m Hao. I’m from Vietnam, I’m 22 years old and I’m in my third-year
at Changwon National University. My major is Business Administration. Last summer vacation, I had a great chance to join to the ‘Beautiful Korea’ program hosted by the
International Affairs Department of CWNU. My team members came from 3 different countries, including, Korea, Vietnam and Japan.

Q: What exactly is the 'Beautiful Korea' program and what are the qualifications to apply for the program?

Hao: The main purpose of the 'Beautiful Korea' program is to support a cultural exchange between CWNU students and exchange students. There must be at least a short overnight itinerary including 2 or more foreign students and 1 Korean student. Each team can travel as long it is within Korea, with a theme of “Korean culture tour”. Each team is financed with 500,000 won for the purpose of food expenses, accommodation, and admission fees, which is fair enough for a short excursion.

Q: What did you guys do during the trip and what impressed you the most?

Hao: On our first day, our team went to Hangang Park where we saw a water show while eating chicken which was amazing. My team went to a Korean traditional house; we wore hanbok and went to a Korean Buddhist temple. I had was really impressed in Hongdae where there was an extremely huge shopping center where you can find almost anything from clothes, to cosmetics, medicine and traditional Korean cuisine. I bought a beautiful dress of the finest quality at an affordable price. I am sure that anyone who has a chance to go shopping there would be satisfied by what it has to offer. Believe me, you will fall in love there in a second. We also went to many places and I was impressed by the Korean culture and traditions, especially by the traditional villages, temples, cuisine and sights. The atmosphere is different from here in Gyeongnam.

Q: Were there any difficulties during the program?

Hao: I think we should have prepared thoroughly before leaving for the trip. We should have assigned tasks because we later found out that there was so much more to do than we thought. Since there is a lot of work to do, I think if our team members had more conversations and meetings before leaving, we could have helped each other much more. For instance, a time table should have been taken into more consideration and we should have decided where exactly to eat.

Q:Do you have any advice or any comments to those who are willing to try the program in the future?

Hao: The Beautiful Korea Program gave me an opportunity to experience Korean culture and customs. This program will give you a unique experience compared to other programs. You will be able to travel far away with a merit of lightening the burden of expenses and meeting new people.

Jeong Seung-in  samcandothat@naver.com

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