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Working hard to get where you want
  • Park Seon-Gyeong
  • 승인 2017.06.12 14:31
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Gong Seong-ill in front of the store he manages

Recently, the number of university graduates without occupation exceeded five hundred thousand. Many collegians in the whole country worry about finding a job. Given this reality, people toss around the word “war” because of the difficulty. But there is a steady effort among CWNU graduates who enter companies they want despite the employment war. We tried talking to one such individual.

Q : Hello. Please introduce yourself.

A : Hello. I am working at GS Retail Co. after graduating from the Department of Business Administration in 2015. When I was a student, I did not do activities like student council, but I was a soccer and basketball club member. Now, I am in the process of education to be a sales manager for one of the direct management stores in Gyeongnam. There are physical difficulties and clerk management this work, but I am doing well. It is a service business, so there is a lot of time facing people. That is also the most important part, I think. Although there is stress coming from this, it is not a problem for me because I enjoy communicating with people. I am gradually building my management career. Later, I plan to manage about ten convenience stores.

Q : What do you think about the two most important things in getting a job?

A : It is ‘Experience’ and ‘Determination’. In my case, I earned my allowance directly through various part-time jobs. I also did various internship activities in a bank and the contents field. Later, these experiences weren’t merely making money, but also building my skills. When you are ready to work, you can experience a lot of failure. It is common to rejected during the document screening. You should have a firm mind that you won’t give up despite countless frustration. You cannot be shaken, but you must always try to make yourself stronger. Finally, how you spend free time is critical. Free time means the time included in post-school life and any leave of absence. I did several internship activities after graduation. As soon as the activities were over, I started to study English. Today, there are more companies which do not consider English grades. I prepared keenly to make a letter of self-introduction. I believe these efforts offered me good results.

Q : Do you have activities that you would like to recommend ?

A : There are many outdoor activities, but I think one activity was really good. I was a KT&G volunteer. It can be an outside activity and volunteer work simultaneously. In addition, I could meet a lot of people and broaden personal connections because of team activities. To explain concretely, I organized the volunteer plan. It generated output, such as receiving commendations or making a paper by planning the event schedule and executing the budget for the service. Our team sought seven hundred blood donations at schools and several places in Changwon. We donated them to the Korean Red Cross in Changwon; it appeared in the Gyeongnam newspaper. I was really proud at that time. I also think it worked well for me. If you do not have this program, you can find other activities to catch two birds with one stone.

Q : Do you want to say anything to the readers?

A : First, I want to tell you to enjoy your university life. This time will never come again. Next, it is a hot topic that finding work is not really easy. There will be more days to be exhausted. However, good days come to my friends who go steadily on their way and never give up. So don’t lower your eyes, try working hard to get where you want. That way you will not regret anything later. You can do enough if you prepare from now on. Hopefully, the story of my experience will help you, and good luck!

By Park Seon-Gyeong, cub-reporter

Park Seon-Gyeong  asdf9382@naver.com

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