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ACE is a trip to find myself
  • Park Seon-Gyeong cub-reporter
  • 승인 2017.06.09 02:14
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Kim Mi-rae, winner of the excellence award from ACE

Recently, CWNU is offering an ACE project and many students are participating in the program. One student, Kim Mi-rae won the excellence prize at the “12TH ACE Council National Forum” held at Dongguk University on May 26th. A total of 37 universities, which are selected by the ACE project,

participated in this forum. We tried talking with her to hear her story.

Q: Hello. Please introduce yourself.

A: Hello. I am Kim Mi-rae (Information and Communication Engineering 15’). I participated with other students in the ACE program forum. The presentation was about how I participated in the free topic program. I presented about my academic improvement program which I did under the theme “ACE is a trip to find myself”. It was an especially valuable time for me to participate as a turning point of university life. I think that my change led to an opportunity to go to the forum. Although the process of preparing for it was difficult because it overlapped with the examination period, it was a program that helped me a lot and allowed me to show this to many people. It was worth it, but I was even more pleased to be awarded a prize.

Q: Can you explain the program for the academic improvement you participate in?

A: When I entered college, I came into cross-application and was having difficulty in basic subjects such as mathematics and physics. I did not fully understand my major. Meanwhile, I participated in it by the recommendation of my teaching assistant. The participation period is one semester long and it is conducted by teaming up with weak students (mentee) and a mentor. In the process, I did a precise analysis through a learning strategy test like MLST and consulted with experts. So, I could know how to plan and concentrate on my studies. Particularly, it was really helpful in building the foundations of the subjects because the seniors taught me to study and they counseled me. These activities gave me a chance to become interested in my major. It also made me enjoy studying. After that, my grade went up. I become attached to this program because I participated as a mentor based on my experience as a mentee.

Q: Then, what is the most important thing to know about studying?

A: Concentrating on your class. I can proudly say that I am listening hard in class. This will save time while studying. I had a cramming style, but I can study more effectively from class concentration. In addition, the attitude toward doing an assignment is important. I think that all assignments are helpful to me. I could make the contents completely my own if I do it with my ability and without imitating or absentmindedly doing any given task. Try to do your best when doing assignments!

Q: Do you want to say anything to the readers?

A: I want you to be interested in the activities in school. There are good programs but students often do not know about them. In my case, I am in the third season, following the second ACE evaluation team. It is good to get a lot of information as well as meet other students and teachers. I also participated in the ACE program called "Presentation Clinic". I always felt burdened and afraid of presenting in class or doing an activity. So, this program can be very helpful. Like this, if you have a field that you want to complement or develop, you should not forget that there are a variety programs in ACE. There is a lot of information on CWNU Waagle. Find a good activity there and join it. It's hard to get started at first but then you'll surely see your changes. I also think that playing is quite important as well as the above activities. It is no excuse that you can’t play because you have to study. Use your spare time to play. I hope you enjoy your university life.

By Park Seon-Gyeong, cub- reporter.

Park Seon-Gyeong cub-reporter  asdf9382@naver.com

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