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We meet a dancing model
  • Park Seon-Gyeong cub-reporter
  • 승인 2017.06.09 02:09
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Seo Ji-hyun‘s latest work

Recently, we can easily find ordinary people who actively model.

They have a large number of followers and expand their field to clothing & cosmetics through various sponsors.

We tried talking with Seo Ji-hyun who acts as a normal model.

Q : Hello, Please introduce yourself.

A : Hello, My name is Seo Ji-hyun. I graduated from the Department of Dancing at CWNU. After graduation, I started teaching dance to students by utilizing my major. And I am getting ready to be certified for today’s popular exercise like Pilates. As a student representative in my department, I spent my school days pleasantly. Also, I became successful with my major after graduation by careful planning and management as an enthusiastic student.

Q : How did you start to work as a model?

A : At first I received a proposal from a photographer on Instagram by direct message. Usually, there are lots of exchanges between normal models and photographers from the site. They also upload their work. However, some people contact with bad intentions, so be careful! I think that a model’s charm is “transformation”. I can change into another ‘me’ by escaping from the ordinary reality. Multiple outfits and props give me assistance. Through photos, I enjoy achieving the concept with my latent attraction such as prettiness, fantasy and purity.

Q : Do you have more fruitful or difficult moments while working?

A : Recently, I did a photoshoot with a photographer who is good at using light and has many film cameras. I waited to work for quite a long time because it takes time to install various lights. I was already tired out even before working. Later, I felt surprised when I saw the results. It was professional work and the photos were better than the original work. I could notice the high quality and effects completely different from photographic film. Especially, I thought the best advantage is inspiring vitality. And a memorable thing is shooting pictures outdoors. It is an acute part of photo work. One freezing winter day, there was a picture conception where I put on thin clothes like Hanbok, Korean traditional dress, and toe shoes. Because of the cold weather, my expression and gestures were stiff. My feet were frozen, too. Through the exhausting process, I can affirm it was the best cut during my activity. It was totally worth it. And occasionally there are difficulties about the space limitation. Our region doesn’t have the places I hope for for my concept. I sometimes work in a rented pension. But, it has smaller rooms than a studio. So, I am embarrassed by limitative composition.

Q : What is the concept you want to try?

A : I want to take a wedding photo alone. I have been talking about it with my boyfriend. That is simple snap. Rather than any other shoot, I would wear fancy clothes such as a bridal bell dress with varied poses. I haven’t tried yet because it will be expensive. If the chance comes to me, I would do it now. Sure, it is a little different than usual wedding photos. They are usually done with fixed pose so that interferes with free poses. But, if I do it alone, it leads to natural gestures. It would satisfy me a lot.

Q : Do you want to say anything to the readers?

A : Find out what you want to do of the many things you can without worrying about others’ attention. For me, there are concerns about my photo’s concept. Despite all the gossip, I keep enjoying my work. If you aren’t breaking the law and engaging in criminal behavior, just do your favorite things. I think you will face lots of things that you can’t do in social life because of time and money constraints. In those situations, I have felt regret that I couldn’t work in many different fields as a student. You can see diverse activities through the college website. There are challenges and adventurous programs outside like Walking across the nation or overseas travel. Inside, college has the University press, too. Participate in as many programs as much as possible. I wish you live a college life without regrets. Thank you.

By Park Seon-gyeong, cub-reporter

Park Seon-Gyeong cub-reporter  asdf9382@naver.com

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