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Facilities of CWNU are improving
  • By Gwon Min-Gwan, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2017.06.08 21:43
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▲The new gym is under construction

CWNU always manages and reviews school facilities such as the need to extend a building and start repair work. A team manager of the facility affairs section, Lee Jeom-gyun said, “We are always prepared to hear recommendations and we are always making greater efforts to start repair work and improvements immediately.” Recently, CWNU installed a green turf ground and pushed forward with club room improvement.

3 extension repair works are being planned in order to increase the quality of school life and work efficiency of teaching staff. First of all, the CWNU gymnasium will be extended. The gymnasium is used for several campus activities as well as the courses of physical education. In addition, there are some students who want to use gym equipment. However the current gym facilities don’t support gym equipment. Thus, a new gym is under construction to the east of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (R.O.T.C.) If the new gym is completed, students who majored in Physical Education can take class without any interruption from campus activities in the gym. Besides students who want to use gym equipment like a badminton court, they can use all gym equipment.

Secondly, extended the university headquarters building is being planned for November of this year. As CWNU increases in size, school departments will also grow. People who are needed in the business process of the school are expected to be recruited. Depending on this fact, an increase of working space and business facilities is expected. CWNU will extend the building of the head office for the overall expansion of the school. The extension work will be focussed on making better use of space to improve the working environment. The headquarters of CWNU is expected to operate in a temporary place while under construction. The exact place will be decided later.

Lastly, the facility affairs section has an extension plan for the College of Economics & Business. That department’s building is the oldest facility in CWNU. There is no air conditioner on the 4th floor so many students feel uncomfortable in the summer when they take classes. Lee Eun-jung from the Department of Business Administration said, "There is a rest area on the 3rd floor which we can use to have a light meal but it’s too dark there. We can't be comfortable enough to have a light meal and take a rest." CWNU receives these concerns and reflects on the complaints of students. The construction will start next year.

The facility affairs section said, "We are always prepared to hear students' suggestions about extending buildings or planning remodeling construction. But there are a few ways to receive students' opinions. Now it can be only received by the student council."

By Gwon Min-Gwan, cub-reporter  1zstarz1@naver.com

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