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Singing my story to the world
  • Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2017.05.28 19:11
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Singing my story to the world

Do you know the program ‘High school rapper’ which included teens’ hip-hop stories to the world earlier this year? There is one student in CWNU who attended this program and has incredible skills to represent Busan and Gyeongsang-do. She is 20-year-old Hwang Hye Jung, and she is in the Department of Food and Nutrition. Let’s hear about her life.

Q. How did you happen to become interested in a hip-hop?

A. When I was 11 years old, the song ‘Alone’ by singer ‘Outsider’ was vogue. That song was very shocking because hip-hop was not popular music at that time compared to now. The music was fast but I could understand the lyrics perfectly. It was so fascinating to me. I have fallen for its charm and sung every day. Furthermore, I have written lyrics since I was 18 years old. It was so interesting because writing lyrics freely and without limit, regardless of beat, is the best advantage of hip-hop. My friends know that I really love hip-hop, so when the program ‘High school rapper’ ran an ad calling for applicants, they recommended it to me. So I applied for the program. Among the 500 applicants in Busan and Gyeongsang-do I was chosen as the 22nd winner, furthermore, I was in the top 9 before then the top 3.

Q. It was really a great outcome. What is the hardest part of your life after you got into music?

A. I live in Jangyu now. It is a small city, so it has a weakness that it has few opportunities to enjoy some cultures and to be on stage. I wanted show some of my good raps to many people, but I couldn’t because of this reason. However, after my name has become well-known to people, I have chances on stage through some hip-hop crew’s suggestions and my school music club, so I’m very happy. When I was shooting the TV program, long shooting times and short times to prepare for the stage was so difficult. It was shot over 36 hours without any rest time and I had to write new lyrics and memorize them all within two days. I was so nervous and afraid because of little experience on stage compared to other friends.

Q. You went through a lot, so what is your happiness memory in your music life?

A. When my friends respond positively after they listen to my song, I’m happy. Because they wonder about my rap love, when they praise me, my heart is filled with pride. In shooting the program ‘High school rapper’, I was so happy when I met many friends who were really good at rapping and singing. They were a great stimulus for me because of their experience and ability. So I practiced ardently. In addition, I was so glad and thankful to my friends because they helped me a lot with my shortcoming. Also, I’m feeling my growth in the school club. When I prepare the stages in the club, I have to write the lyrics personally. I have confidence in writing lyrics after consulting advisors when I learned during the TV program.

Q. What is your final goal?

A. I want to do music as a hobby-job. However, I think the job is hard for me practically. When I applied for the program, there were so many people who were really good at rapping and most of them were younger than me. So I thought that I’m late to the game, though I want to continue rapping. If I don’t become a rapper, I will be a police officer. The police is my longtime dream along with rapping. Is it good thinking to be a police officer and rap on the side? I think that life is fantastic.

Q. Yeah, I think so too. Finally, do you have any comments for CWNU students?

A. If you want to do something, then let’s try without questioning. It must be a good experience. I participated in ‘Show me the money 5’ before ‘High school rapper’. Some friends called me and criticized me like ‘I know you like to rap, but your ability is not good’. So what? I was not afraid of it. Because I thought I could realize my shortcomings by other participant’s abilities. That’s strong stimulus make us grow and grow and it gave me spirits. I want you to give a challenge resolutely and don’t regret it. I sincerely cheer CWNU student’s courage and dreams!

Hwang Hye Jung on TV program ‘High school rapper’

Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter  qbxlvlrm5226@naver.com

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