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Some special days in May
  • Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter
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Publicity of Adoption Day
Firemen who conduct disaster prevention
Event of Together Day
Celebration of Marine Day

May 11, Adoption Day

In 2005 on March 31, the Minister of Health and Welfare enacted ‘Adoption Day’ on May 11 and ‘Adoption week’ after Adoption day. May 11 is interesting. because it means family month, 1 family adopts 1 child who is ‘born again’ into a new family. This day raises awareness about adoption. Also, it encourages people to overcome blood relation culture and secret adoptions. Accordingly, the national and local governments have to educate and promote adoption with adoption agencies. Meanwhile, the Minister of Health and Welfare announced statistics about adoption from 1953 to 2015, our country’s children who were adopted domestically and internationally numbered 245,600. Above all, we have to care children who are born in our nation. So the Minister of Health and Welfare intends to improve education to get people’s attention. I wish all children can be loved by a family.

May 20, Together day

‘Together Day’ is a national memorial day on May 20. It was designated in 2007 to foster living with other people by respecting each other’s traditions and culture. Moreover, the 7 days after May 20 are ‘Together Day’ week. ‘Together Day’ was chosen instead of ‘Foreigner Day’ because of differential elements after the immigration policy forum in 2006. In addition, it was originally planned to be on May 21 to celebrate ‘World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development’ appointed by the UN. However, May 21 is ‘Married couple Day’ in Korea, thus May 20 was decided. The celebration conducted by the Ministry of Justice prepares communication and harmony with Koreans and foreigners. ‘Together Day’ welcomes the 10th anniversary this year so various multicultural festivals will take place around the country especially in Seoul and Gangwon-do. They will prepare culture performance, athletics competition and singing contests for making a time of togetherness.

May 25, Disaster Prevention Day

‘Disaster Prevention Day’ is to propel disaster drills effectively and raise awareness about methods of disaster prevention. This day was established in May before the rainy season because of raising awareness about protection of the country, life, body and property and having effective training enforcement. Since its founding in 2004, the celebration has been held and the Central Disaster Relief Center offers some training to prevent disaster. The details attract people’s disaster attention through disaster prevention campaign, saving a life in fire on cruise ships, minimizing damage of human life and property through establishing a provision system and relief of victims. In addition, the local government head encourages inhabitants to prepare for disasters and safety accidents through repair disaster prevention facilities, poster contests about disaster prevention and training of restoration of flood damage. In Japan, the appointed day for this is September 1 because typhoons occur mostly in September most and they do actual training for disaster prevention.

May 31, Marine Day

In November 1994, after the enactment of a UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, a change occurred which changed from the liberty movement of the sea to competition of the sea. After that, the international environment surrounded by sea changed and ‘Marine day’ was established to cope with this change and to emerge maritime power in the 21st century. Moreover, this day is conducted by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. In the Unified Silla, Jang Bogo installed Cheonghaejin on May 31. So the ‘Marine Day’ is May 31 and people commemorate it on this day. Annually, the Ministry of Maritime holds a celebration and gives a prize to an organization or someone that contributes to the development of the marine industry. Moreover, it makes an opportunity to realize the importance of the ocean. The Marine Day celebration welcomes the 22nd anniversary and events held in Gunsan. ‘To the sea, to the world, hug the sea!’ is theme of the event and is expected to offer some precious experiences to children.

Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter  qbxlvlrm5226@naver.com

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