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Welcome to Disney cinema
  • Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter
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Toy Story
Monster Inc.
Finding Nemo

Welcome to Disney cinema

Toy Story

The director of Toy Story is John Lasseter and it’s the first long computer animation produced by Disney and Pixar. It was released in 1995. It showed 3D vividness compared to the existing animation because of it used CG. About his result and ability, he received an Academy award and special result and special achievement award in 68th Academy. John Lasseter who was known as toy collectomania showed amazing insight about relations between toys and humans. In addition, he emphasized the story more than technical achievement. He said “I think the first thing which makes people enjoy is the story” and he worked hard for scenario. This animation drew the process of learning friendship by having an adventure between the dolls, Woody and Buzz, who are loved by Andy, a boy. Moreover, it showed a very lively story and warm relationship in view of plastic toys, so audiences were interested in this animation. Furthermore, this theme is ‘Toy’s destiny and worry over being left behind by children’. In this theme, it deals with problems of friendship, faith and identity so it overcame the prejudice that the animation is only for children. The animation featuring toy’s friendship was a box office hit and fascinated all audiences. Besides, this was a successful thing that changed the world’s animation. Many people held a stereotype that CG is very awkward and uncomfortable. However, this animation opened a new world of 3D animation because of exquisite description and good storytelling. The Toy Story series has run from 1995 to now including Toy Story 2 in 1999, Toy Story 3 in 2010. Although the time goes by, this series constantly loved by people all over world with positive appraisal. The series will be continuing into the future.

Monsters Inc.

The director of Monsters Inc. are Pete Docter, David Silverman and Lee Unkrich. In addition, this 3D animation is made by Walt Disney Production and Pixar Animation Studio. They got the ideas when they were brainstorming Toy Story in 1994 and they started to make Monsters Inc. in 1996. After preparing for about 5 years, it was released in 2001. Monster Inc, a company in the movie, used children’s screams as a resource of affording energy to the world. The monster’s duty is to set children wondering and gathers their screams by entering the human world. One day, monsters named James and Mike make a mistake when they bring a child name Boo into the monster world. In the monster world, children are the most dangerous object so their mistake cannot be ignored. However, when two monsters effort to dismiss Boo into the human world, they grow fond of each other. Finally, the monsters in Monsters Inc. realize mirth has more energy than screams. This animation showed a mix between monsters and humans and gave a new and refreshing feeling to audience. Moreover, through the boundary of everyday life and non-daily life, it aroused audiences’ curiosity and interest. Furthermore, this fun animation was appraised because of the monsters’ specific appearance, their attraction and good storytelling. Besides, it changes our awareness about monsters and the unknown world and gives us mystique. Its biggest characteristic is delicacy like movement of characters and description of fur. It is really like reality. Also, this animation was awarded for its theme song in the 74th Academy in 2002.

Finding Nemo

The director of Finding Nemo is Andrew Stanton and it was produced by Disney and Pixar. It was completed over 11 years, 7 years of planning and 4 years of making. This is the 5th longest animation, and it was released in USA in May of 2013 and in Korea in June of 2013. The name of Nemo that is the hero in this animation is from Captain Nemo of Jules Verne’s novel. This animation shows wonderful vividness that analyzed very closely lights, waves and darkness in the ocean environment which is the most difficult to express by computer. The representative character are fish, Malin and his son Nemo and they live in the largest coral reef system in Australia. When Nemo departs from his overprotective father, Nemo is kidnapped by a diver and imprisoned in a dentist’s aquarium. To find his son, Malin goes to travel with a friend, Dory and finally he finds his son after overcoming all the disturbance and danger. This animation makes parents can realize that being overprotective is not always great and children can grow more mature when parents grow mentally first. This animation consist of fresh characters, a fun and meaningful lesson and was nominated for Best Screenplay, Best Animated Film, Sound Editing and Best Music in an Academy Award and it was awarded Best Screenplay. In addition, when this animation appeared for the first time, critic’s reactions were really positive and it recorded great revenues on opening weekend. So it topped the best movie at that time and came in No.1 on the box office list that weekend. Recently, Finding Dory was released and got successful results like Finding Nemo.


The director of Shrek are Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson. This animation was produced by DreamWorks and it was based on William Steig’s fairy tale and the best bot office hit for DreamWorks. In addition, the appearance of Shrek was the most attractive character in animation history. To tell you a short summary, Shrek lived very peacefully in a mud hut. However, when heroes in fairy tale flee the country to mud huts, Shrek’s rhythm of life changed into a mess. Later, Shrek knew that the cause is a lord and he went out to find a peaceful life. In that way, Shrek met his love, his destiny Fiona. This animation shows us that animations can have ugly characters, not handsome ones. It makes us to throw out our prejudice that heroes are pretty or gorgeous, so it’s value is very high. It has a special value compared to other movies because it breaks from the classic route and emphasizes reality. So it could get audience’s interest. This firm was made by 3D animation techniques took 4 years to complete and helped create new software to express movements of people more exquisitely and completely. As a result, the movement of skin is considered by light reflex, expression of pupil and laughing hair was perfect and received good press. This animation used a young band’s rock music, drew a backstory of a local or era variously and gave more joy to audiences because of its parody of famous movies like The Matrix. As Shrek is popular still, Shrek 2 was released in 2004, Shrek 3 was released in 2007 and Shrek Forever was released in 2010.

Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter  qbxlvlrm5226@naver.com

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