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The various festivals are waiting for you
  • Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2017.03.20 11:26
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The various festivals are waiting for you

[ Gyeonggi-do ]

Icheon Ceramics Festival

Icheon, Gyeonggi-do was designated as one of the UNESCO Creative Cities for ‘Crafts field’ in 2010 and is recognized for its value of ceramic’s history from the Bronze Age to now. When we talk about Icheon’s speicialty, ceramics are counted on the fingers. In addition, Sindunmyeon in Ichoen is famous for the ceramic village because there are about 300 ceramic kilns there. In this festival, we can see celadon that gives off beauty of intellectual and celadon green, white porcelain that have symbolic meanings and beauty of space, master’s ceramic that show freewheeling and ragged beauty and living ceramic that has modern sense. Visitors can feel the wisdom of their ancestors. Moreover, various events are held in the festival. There are happy projects like a 3D printing trial performance, 10 Korean foods that foreigner loves, author’s exhibition, contest of making pottery, painting ceramic picture and spinning wheel. This festival’s theme is ‘Your Heart is My Festival’ and regardless of age or gender, all people can enjoy the experience. The festival runs from April 28 to May 14 in 2017. Admission is free.

[ Chungcheong-do ]

Taean Tulip Festival

Taean is located in Chungcheongnam-do and the Taean Tulip Festival is one of the top five Tulip Festivals in the world. This 2017 Taean Tulip Festival’s theme is ‘Tulip! Include world’, and will draw landmarks that represent each country on land and show a colorful, wonderful charm to visitors. In this festival, we can see about 300 kinds of tulips, especially this year narcissus and lilies will be in this festival for the first time with tulip. The whole foundation has bangpai-kite to revive Korea’s tradition and insert Korea’s national treasure of Namdaemun. Moreover, Taean will add a replica Eiffel Tower of France, a windmill of Netherlands, Pyramids of Egypt and give us more joy. We can see not only tulips but also various events like experience of tradition, bubbles and aroma. In the evening, festival of lights will be open too, so I think many people will be interested in this festival. The festival runs from April 13 to May 10 in 2017 and the average tour time is 1.5 hours. Amission is 9,000won for adults and 7000,won for youth.

[ Jeolla-do ]

Hampyeong Butterfly Festival

Hampyeong is located in Jeollanam-do. Hampyeong didn’t have industry and tour resources, so they required regional economy activation and needed some means to gain local publicity. Hampyeong wanted to push ahead with a flower festival but most the important things were competitiveness and differential forces unlike anywhere else. Finally, they decided on ‘Butterfly’ as the festival’s theme which appeals environment-friendly locals. This 2017 Hampyeong Butterfly Festival’s theme is ‘Along the butterfly, along the flower way, Hampyeong!’ and the representative butterfly is the swallowtail. Also, this festival is preparing diverse events like flying butterfly with family, fishing mudfish, riding livestocks and wearing multi-cultural clothes for visitors. In addition, it will exhibit and sell its environment-friendly agricultural and marine products. By accelerating urbanization, dirt roads and the flower way disappear now and butterfly’s population is reducing more and more. This festival will reinvigorate our childlike memories that we forgotten these days. It runs from April 28 to May 9 in 2017. Admission if 7,000won for adults, 5,000won for youth and 3,000won for young children.

[ Gyeongsang-do ]

Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival

Jinju in located in Gyeongsangnam-do. Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival is the first local culture & art events in the country and it runs during the first week of October in Namgang and Jinjuseong. In addition, it is ‘Yudeung play’ festival, with floating lamp and making wishes. This Yudeung play is beginning from Slege of Jinju from Japanese invasions of Korea. In this festival, many lamps will be installed like a wish lamp, symbol lamp, creation lamp and world’s institutions and customs lamp. Particularly, the representative event is floating 30,000 small wish lamp on river. Moreover, we can see ancestor’s living customs, folk games and military drill from 400 years. Like making lamps and hanging, there are many events that move with citizen’s participation. Moreover, culture performaces will show at a music fountain and a folk bar and café will be open. Admission is 10,000won for adults and 5,000won for youth. I hope this festival can make visitor’s minds lighter than lamps.

[ Gangwon-do ]

Chuncheon International Mime Festival

Chuncheon International Mime Festival is one of the best mime festival in the world compared with London Mime Festival and France MIMOS Festival. Chuncheon Mime Festival accommodates diverse genre based on ‘body, movement, image’ exceeding mime genre. Also its scale is very amazing because seven foreign countries including France, Switzerland and Italy, 10 organizations and 500 artists in Korea come together for this festival. In this festival, the programs are characteristic. There are ‘City of Spring’, ‘City of Water’ and ‘City of Fire’. ‘City of Spring’ will show dynamic outdoor performances with dances and kick things off, ‘City of Water’ will play with water on Chuncheon center road and ‘City of Fire’ will proceed events that remind of crater at night by installation artist. In addition, a club party, cart bar, art salon and music show will be prepared. This festival have specific thing with many events occurring throughout Chunchoen, not just one place. Chuncheon international Mime Festival runs from May 21 to May 28 in 2017 and admission is 10,000won to 20,000won. I wish many people enjoy this novelty show with love.

[ Jeju-do ]

Jeju Canola Flower Festival

What comes to your mind when you think about canola flowers? Maybe many people think of Jeju-do. Jeju Canola Flower Festival is held in Gasiri village that canola flowers are mostly and this village initiates spring of Jeju. A lot of canola flowers look gorgeous together and make a grant sight that draws admiration. Korea’s beautiful road Noksan-ro and pony farm will create amazing sights with yellow canola flowers and cherry blossoms. Moreover, this canola flower festival is mingled with blue sea, stone walls beside roads and yellow canola flowers. Furthermore, it gives love to visitor’s love and give dreams to family. This festival is devising children’s canola flower drawing exhibition and Gasiri’s view photos exhibition. I think it will make visitor’s minds more happy. Jeju Canola Flower Festival runs from April 1 to April 9 in 2017 and admission is free. Let’s go to this festival and heal our distress of daily life with the flower’s scent.

By Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter

Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter  qbxlvlrm5226@naver.com

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