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Seize the day
  • By Lee Hun, reporter
  • 승인 2017.03.06 07:51
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“There is nothing too late. It’s only that you think it is too late.”

There are some people who go to school right away, on the other hand there are some people who are already involved in a social life who want to go to school later. In this opening course issue, we have a special interview with a person who decided to study later rather than early. Let’s meet Lee who is seizing an opportunity every day to improve herself.

Q : I wonder how you started studying in this late age.

A : I’m really glad to meet you. I am Anna Lee, in the Department of International Commerce and Trade. I am a double major in the Department of Family Welfare. If you ask me about my decision to start my study in this age, I think I should talk about my last career. I’ve worked in a big company as a freelance accountant for 10 years. I only devoted myself to the job for financial purposes. It would be easy to understand that I only had one day off a month because I didn’t stop working on my own accord. I went to a family restaurant for the first time at the age of 30, you could imagine how much I focused only on work. At that time, I was being skeptical of myself because I never took care of myself. My life was all about money, I never knew who I was. The job was tedious in the major company because it was completely detailed. I started having a desire to study. After quitting my job, I got several certifications. However, it didn’t satisfy me enough. I wanted to study a major subject in the school. When I graduate from graduate school, I want to be 40 or under, so I need to go to school at least by 34. That’s why I prepared to come to the school for 5 years.

Q : I heard you were recently awarded in a speech contest and peer counseling program. How did you start to prepare?

A : In fact, these two are not everything. I am trying to do every program held in the school. What I feel sad about is there are not many young students who are trying to find out while they are concerned about their future. They are worried about so many questions but finish without answers. I felt there are so many programs that the school supports, but not many students utilize these programs. In case of the debate contest, we needed to do a round of 16 but only 15 groups applied for it. I understand them. There was a lot of work to do such as writing a cover letter, fitting it in between jobs, needing more specs, so maybe it wasn’t important to them. However, these activities are allowed only when they are students. It is kind of a privilege to be a student. I attended because I want to enjoy the equal rights as a student, I always want to be the best in what I started. I feel accomplished while I do what I couldn’t do in the future.

Q : Do you have anything to say to students who think they are already late?

A : I will be 39 when I graduate. After graduation, I would really like to do a master’s course in trade. Do you think I am late? Do you think I am doing the wrong thing? It is never too late. The problem is thinking it is late. There are severe times for everyone. It could come to me in this late age or in your freshman year.

Worrying and hesitating are natural things. If you don’t know what to do, I just want to say do something, anything. There is a double major course, graduate school and some other ways to learn. I hope you don’t give up and that you find your own way. I am not saying you need to find quitting time. Students always quit. They don’t know what their dreams are but just quit. They don’t mind if they have a bad grade. They just transfer their major. When I ask them what they want to do, they answer that they don’t know. That’s not good. Even though you are not enough, you need to do everything hard. Especially so your academic grade is good. If you do, you will find the way. There are so many opportunities many students could take. I hope everyone will grasp them.

By Lee Hun, reporter  20160189@changwon.ac.kr

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